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Panasonic crams 4k2k resolution into 20in screen

Incredible detail in a tiny panel

Most of the talk about 4k2k screens has concerned massive displays and those for home cinema. Panasonic has turned the tables, though, cramming a 3,840×2,160 resolution into a 20in display.

It’s been done using a high-quality IPS Alpha Panel, which is just 3.5mm thick. From the outside, you’d think it was a regular display, until you look at the image.

Footage that’s been shot with a 4k2k resolution looks incredible on the screen, although at this size there’s not a significant improvement in most scenes over a regular Full HD display.

It’s when there’s a lot of information on the screen that the 4k2k panel really makes a difference. Looking at text on the display, a font size that looked blurred on a Full HD display looked sharp and detailed on the 4k2k panel.

With a pixel density of 216ppi, there’s an incredible amount of detail and pretty much no visible aliasing.

As you can see from the photos below (taken with a digital camera of two 20in displays, one 1080p and one 4k2k), the amount of extra detail in the 4k2k panel is quite astounding.

1080p panel

4k panel

As you can see in this crop, the 1080p image (top) loses clarity, while the 4k2k image (bottom) is still incredibly sharp.

This product is likely to be expensive and is primarily designed to environments where there’s a need for a lot of data on screen, such as in health care, but it shows that super-high resolutions don’t have to be limited to big screens.

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