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Pioneer Announces the DJM-2000Nexus

Pioneer updates its flagship DJM-2000 mixer with some exciting new features

Pioneer has announced the imminent release of its four-channel DJM-2000Nexus club mixer. It’s an update to the original DJM-2000 released in 2010 and at first glance looks the same, but has plenty of new features to justify the refresh.

Chief among them is Beat Slice, which lets you chop and rearrange tracks on the fly with the 5.8in touchscreen, widening the scope for creating live edits and remixes. The DJM-2000Nexus analyses Rekordbox data from any connected CDJ-2000s and keeps your mix on-beat and in time. The new Sync feature sets the master tempo of each connected CDJ-2000Nexus, letting DJs apply greater focus on track selection and creative mixing.

DJM-2000Nexus Front

The DJM-2000Nexus: a great mixer updated

As with the original DJM-2000, the Nexus also lets you use quantised effects that are perfectly on-beat, making your effects sound more naturally integrated with the underlying tracks. It also has the massive beat effects unit – one of the best and most addictive features of the original DJM-2000, with its easy-to-engage beat fractions.

DJM-2000Nexus Back Panel

A built-in Ethernet hub and all the I/O you could want

The original DJM-2000 combined effective software with top-notch hardware and a touchscreen for mapping onscreen MIDI controls, mixing tracks using individual frequency bands and recording and using live samples. These features are still present on the DJM-2000Nexus, as is the six-port Ethernet hub on its back panel. This lets you connect up to four Pioneer Pro DJ Link-enabled CDJs and up to two laptops without the need for an external switch or router, keeping your work area neat and tidy. The DJM-2000Nexus is just as club-friendly as its predecessor and has all the inputs and outputs DJs expect of such a device.

The DJM-2000Nexus is due to go on sale sometime this month and is priced at £1989.

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