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Apple debuts EarPod in-ear headphones

Apple finally sees sense, spares anguish of public transport users worldwide

It’s always baffled us that Apple was so keen to stress the importance of music in its products, yet bundled them with some of the worst in-ear headphones known to man. At tonight’s iPhone 5 launch, the company appears to have finally seen sense, unveiling a new design dubbed EarPods.

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Hinted at weeks ago with a series of leaks, the refined earbuds eschew the metal and rubber of the previous design in favour of an all-plastic outer shell. They have two separate grilles on each ear, with an inline remote and integrated microphone on the iPhone version.

Apple Earpods

Instead of creating a seal within the ear like most in-ear headphones, the Earpods rest at the edge of your ear canal, with the main grill pointed straight into it. The secondary grill points outward, directing airflow to enhance the mid range. There are also dual ports on the bottom of each bud, which should help produce richer bass.

Apple claims the new earbuds have “a breakthrough design for a more natural fit and increased durability, and an incredible acoustic quality typically reserved for higher-end earphones”, but we’ll definitely be reserving judgement until we’ve tried a pair ourselves – after all, Apple’s track record hasn’t exactly been stellar up to this point.

Apple Earpods

The new design will come bundled with the newly launched iPhone 5 and iPod Touch when they go on sale in the next few weeks, but you’ll also be able to buy them separately if you wish. They are available right now from the Apple store.

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