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The 4K Now TV box with four passes is now half price

One month of cinema, entertainment and kids, plus a day of Sky Sports

If you’ve got a spare HDMI port in the back of your TV and fancy seeing some of Sky’s top content without the need for an expensive subscription, then you may want to take advantage of this great offer from Currys on the 4K Now TV box.

Usually selling for £49, the retailer has slashed the price to £24.99, and that includes four free TV passes as well. That’s a fiver less than Currys is charging for the inferior TV Stick with one fewer pass.

It’s these passes that really make the product a bargain. You’re getting a month of Sky Cinema (RRP: £11.99), a month of Entertainment (RRP: £8.99), a month of Kids (RRP: £3.99) and a day of Sky Sports (RRP: £9.98) included. Tot up those numbers and you’ll see that those alone should sell for a grand total of £34.95, and that’s before you take in the cost of the box itself.

And the box is a very good product, as Chris wrote in his review. “If you’re looking for a 4K streamer, Now TV’s Smart Box is definitely a decent option. 

“It now, at last, supports Netflix and can deliver that content in 4K, which is great news for those struggling with clunky on-TV apps or having to switch to other streamers to watch their favourite shows.”

If, however, you’re not that enamoured by Sky’s offerings, then other streaming options provide a better overall experience, he wrote. Think Roku, Google Chromecast or Amazon’s own Fire TV.

That may well be true, but if you’re a fan of Sky’s programming then this represents unbeatable value, and should give you plenty of content to work through across those four passes. Remember: you don’t have to redeem them all at once…

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