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This Sony TV is the best Black Friday TV deal – and comes with a free soundbar

£559 of savings on this 65in 120Hz Sony XH90

If you’ve bagged yourself a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X and are looking for a new TV to do the console justice, this is the kind of deal you should be looking at.
The 65in Sony XH90 is £1,099 in the John Lewis Black Friday sale. Not only that, but you can add a Sony HT-SD35 Bluetooth soundbar to your order, free of charge. The TV has an RRP of £1,499 and the soundbar £159, so you’re saving a massive £559.

But it’s not just about the pounds and pence here: the XH90 is one of the best TVs you can get, especially for gaming. 
It’s one of Sony’s ‘Ready for PS5’ televisions, which means it supports both VRR (variable refresh rate) and 120Hz signals over 4K via HDMI 2.1, unlocking the potential for 120fps gameplay in supported games. That’s true whether you have an Xbox Series X or PS5 (in fact there are currently more supported titles on Microsoft’s hardware due to the differing ways the two handle backwards compatibility.)
TVs supporting 120Hz are still pretty rare – and even Sony’s current batch of OLED sets don’t have it yet. But it’s certainly a feature that’s worth looking out for if you want to be as future proof as possible. 

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And of course the XH90 is a brilliant TV in all other respects, supporting HDR10, Dolby Vision and Hybrid-Log Gamma. It also has full-array local dimming, which leads to high maximum brightness, punchy images and a great picture uniformity. Oh, and another feature for gamers: it has something called ALLM – or Auto Low-Latency Mode – a feature that automatically switches to a low-input lag gaming mode when connected to consoles like the Xbox Series X or PS5.  
As our TV editor Tom Bruce wrote in his glowing four-star review of the 75in version: “even without HDMI 2.1, the XH90 is a good all-rounder that represents excellent value for money.” 
That was when the XH90 was £400 more expensive and without a free soundbar. Suffice it to say that this Black Friday discount makes the XH90 a must-buy for gamers with the space for a 65in set in their lives.  
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