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The five-star Henry Hoover is going CHEAP this Black Friday

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The iconic, award-winning Henry Hoover is now just £120 at Argos as part of its Black Friday sale

The Henry Hoover is available at Argos for a remarkable price of just £120, a significant reduction from its usual £160 in this Black Friday deal. The vacuum cleaner, which has earned a full five stars and a Best Buy award in our Henry Hoover review, is a beloved and iconic fixture in British homes, known for its practicality and longevity.

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Henry Hoover’s appeal lies in its combination of simplicity and efficiency. It offers a long reach and a substantial nine-litre capacity, allowing for extensive cleaning without the need for frequent emptying. Henry is also celebrated for its rugged, durable build – it’s designed to last and is easy to maintain and repair, often outliving many modern vacuums​​​​​​.

Practical features include a 2.2m long flexible hose, ideal for reaching difficult areas, and a lengthy 10m mains cable, which reduces the need to switch outlets during cleaning. When it’s time to empty the vacuum, the process is straightforward thanks to its simple design, with easily replaceable and affordable dust bags and filters​​.

Although the Henry Hoover might not match the versatility or suction power of some of its more modern counterparts, it compensates with other advantages: it operates quietly, at just 72dB, it’s energy efficient and he’s got a constant smile on his little face. The vacuum’s practicality and reliability, coupled with its endearing design, continue to make it a popular choice for a wide range of users​​.

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The Henry Hoover is a household cleaning icon. And in this Black Friday deal at Argos, you can add him to your cleaning cupboard for £40 less than usual. If you don’t want a Henry, then check out our full Black Friday vacuum cleaner deals roundup to find a deal for you.