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EE announces 4GEE Capture Cam, another 4G-enabled livestreaming camera

4GEE Capture Cam

Following its 4GEE Action Cam, EE has announced another livestreaming camera

Following on from its 4GEE Action Cam, EE has just announced another 4G-enabled camera to allow you to livestream to an audience anywhere you are. Well, anywhere you have sufficient network coverage that is. The Capture Cam will at least save footage locally if your stream goes down and then pick right back up again if network connectivity resumes. There’s 4GB of internal storage and you can insert a memory card up to 64GB in capacity, too.

Where the Action Cam was all about high-octane activities, the Capture Cam is aiming for slightly more mundane activities and will likely appeal more to businesses. Its already been used by the likes of estate agents for providing streamed house viewings and a mountain biking centre. Still, even for regular consumers the Capture Cam could potentially be a useful lifelogging device due to its small size and 4G connection. It’s a lot smaller than the Action Cam and can be clipped on to your clothing. It weighs 90g and measures 55mm across so you could feasibly clip it to your clothing without noticing it too much. It’ll also work nicely with GoPro mounts, much like the Action Cam.

The Capture Cam has an 8 megapixel sensor for still images and can capture video at up to 720P/30fps but the resolution and framerate might drop down depending on network conditions. The Capture Cam will once again use Skeegle for livestreaming, and you can share a link to invite people to view your stream. Hopefully the Skeegle platform will get some updates to make it more intuitive, as that was one of my issues with the Action Cam. The companion app for controlling the Capture Cam will be available on iOS and Android. 

EE hasn’t revealed pricing for the 4GEE Capture Cam yet but it’s expected to launch before Christmas. You can probably expect various pricing options including monthly tariffs for 4G data. For now you can register your interest on the EE site.