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Save over 20% on the new Fitbit Versa Lite

The wonderful wearable is already going cheap

I recently reviewed three Fitbit devices for this very website: the two new Inspire wristbands and the Versa Lite. By far my favourite was the last of these. The Fitbit Versa Lite is a handsome-looking smartwatch that makes the cuts to justify its ‘lite’ branding in all the right places.
It was an easy recommendation, even at £149. Now BT Shop seems to have slashed the price by over 20%, knocking £35 off the RRP. In other words, it’s yours for the slightly unusual price of £114.
The cuts from the original Versa are, for me, in all the right places. Yes, swim tracking is gone, it can’t count floors climbed and it loses Fitbit Coach, but everything else barely registers. It no longer stores music? Well, that’s fine – you need a phone to run with it anyway. It drops NFC? Did you see the tiny collection of British banks that actually support Fitbit Pay? If you did, you’ll see why that’s not a deal breaker.
So what makes the Fitbit Versa Lite so special? It looks great, for starters. The square screen is neatly embedded in a metal frame with slightly curved, chamfered edges. The straps are changeable, meaning you can make it as smart as you want, and it does a great job of inspiring healthy habits by tracking your steps and sleep, with prompts to move every so often.
It also functions as a decent running watch. Although I found the heart-rate sensor to be extremely patchy, the watch piggybacks off your phone’s GPS to provide useful stats at a glance ensuring that your pace is right for the distance. Then, of course, there’s the absolutely brilliant Fitbit app, which makes a healthy lifestyle considerably more fun by introducing gentle competition with friends and family.

Of course, our absolute favourite thing was that it was 25% cheaper than the original Fitbit Versa. Now you can knock another £35 off, you should jump at this opportunity if you’re keen to make some healthy changes to your life.
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