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Deal alert: Get a Fitbit Inspire HR and a Nest Mini for £75

Given the Fitbit Inspire HR cost £90 alone in the first place, this is one hell of a deal

Currys has opened its Black Friday sale early – well, kind of. The site is running a “Black Friday Price Now” promotion, during which the company will refund you the difference if the price of an item you purchase drops any lower on the big day itself.
From a quick skim, for me, the highlight is the Fitbit Inspire and Nest Mini bundle, which is yours for £75. Not only are these two solid products, but a look at their respective RRPs shows just how good this is: the Fitbit sells for £90, while the Nest Mini goes for £50. So you’re saving £65 in other words.
So what about the products themselves? Well, I reviewed the Fitbit Inspire HR myself and was a big fan of it. It’s a sensibly priced wearable that does pretty much everything you could want from a basic fitness tracker, with nice little bonuses like notifications and heart-rate tracking. The latter allows for in-depth sleep tracking, guided breathing and a VO2 Max estimate, which are all very much in the ‘nice to have’ column. 
Don’t get me wrong: it’s no substitute for a running watch – the fiddly screen size and reliance on connected GPS see to that – but it’s still a very nice product for people keen on keeping one eye on their fitness.
The Nest Mini started out life as the Google Home Mini, but has since rebranded. It’s the same device though: a mini smart speaker with Google Assistant built in. For me, this is a less successful product due to sound quality that’s merely ‘okay’ and a lack of audio jack to improve it. But it’s still handy to have Google Assistant on tap, and is fine for listening to podcasts or the radio.
In short, getting both products for £75 is incredible value. And while they don’t seem to complement each other particularly well, if you fancy owning both of them, then you’re unlikely to see a better deal this year – and if Currys does drop the price, that Black Friday guarantee has you covered.
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