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Garmin’s Forerunner 245 is down to £202.49

...and the Music model is yours for £242.49

This Black Friday, I’ve been on the lookout for a running watch. After sending a whole bunch of review units back, my wrist is bare and my times are suffering. And that’s how I found this rather good deal on the brand new Garmin 245 – both vanilla and Music flavours.
Right now at Runner Inn, you can buy the plain Forerunner 245 for just £202.49 plus postage. Yes, it’s only available in purple at this price (the black one will cost you more), but it’s still an impressive 19% off its RRP of £250. 
That’ll be fine for my needs, but if you need built-in storage for music and offline Spotify playlists, then you’ll want the 245 Music. Here, Runner Inn has your back again, with it selling for £242.49, if you’re happy with it in white. Again, that’s 19% off.
Should you get the Garmin Forerunner 245 then? Well, as a potential buyer, that’s the question I’m currently mulling over. Certainly it’s a very good running watch, as Nick wrote in our review. “It’s a brilliant all-round running watch, and runners who won’t be satisfied by its features will be few and far between. 
“Not only does it help shape your training, providing useful insight into every run, but it also delivers excellent accuracy in terms of both GPS and heart rate, along with superb battery life.”
The only thing stopping me pulling the trigger right now? The fact that the Forerunner 645 Music is £200 at Argos. I had a review one of those for a while, and it was a great watch – but the Forerunner 235 getting PacePro – a neat feature that tells you the pace you should aim for on a specific part of a route –  is making me consider my options. Decisions, decisions.
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