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The benefits of a memory foam pillow

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A simple change in your sleep setup can help you get a good night’s rest

After months of being stuck at home – and potentially being a lot less active than we used to – many of us will be more conscious of our bodies and their posture than ever before. The amount and type of exercise you are getting will of course impact your body and levels of physical comfort, but the way we sleep also has an important part to play.

It’s easy to get hung up on the quality and hardness or softness of your mattress, and these are important issues, but it’s vital not to overlook your pillow, which can have enormous effects on the quality of your sleep. Advances in memory foam technology – making it more affordable and less liable to retain heat – have resulted in the development of these pillows that can help keep you comfortable and improve posture in bed, as well as potentially cutting down on other issues that are the result and cause of a bad night’s sleep.

Memory foam is a durable and firm substance developed by NASA in the sixties for seats that would reduce the pressure on astronauts during takeoff and landing. It is made from polyurethane that moulds to the shape of whatever is pressed into it – in the case of pillows, your head and neck. This enables them to offer better support than many traditional feather, down or artificial fibre pillows. This added support can have a knock-on effect, releasing pressure and strain throughout your body and contributing to a better night’s sleep.

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Effectively relieve pressure points

A memory foam pillow can help reduce pressure on your head by spreading the weight more evenly and allowing you to better relax. Tension around your head has been linked to jaw aches and even tooth grinding, so relieving it can help to combat these common sleep-related problems.

The pressure relief offered by a memory foam pillow extends down into your neck and shoulders. If your pillow is too soft, your head can loll downwards; too hard, and it can be tilted upwards at an equally awkward angle. By supporting your head and holding it in alignment, the tension that can otherwise be carried in your neck and shoulders throughout the night is eased. Tension in the shoulders and neck is a common cause of headaches, so it’s important to keep them relaxed and stress-free whenever possible.

Neck and shoulder alignment

Using a memory foam pillow to maintain correct positioning of your head during sleep has benefits that go even further by helping with your spine alignment while you sleep. Maintaining a neutral spine position helps to keep your muscles long and loose, reducing the risk of soreness or tightness, while sleeping with your spine in an awkward position can contribute to back pain. A memory foam pillow helps to maintain the natural curve of your spine while you sleep, reducing the discomfort associated with misalignment, and bringing relief from the pressure points that can cause pain throughout your body.

There is even evidence that memory foam pillows can help reduce snoring – a welcome reprieve for the partners of chronic snorers. By supporting the head and neck, it also has an effect on your airways, helping to keep them open and reducing some of the restricted breathing that can result in snoring.

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Combat overheating

One issue that has traditionally been related to memory foam is overheating. The density of memory foam means that some pillows retain heat, which can become uncomfortable in the night, when our bodies experience a natural drop in temperature. Fortunately, some manufacturers have made moves to combat these issues. For instance, Panda’s award-winning Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow comes with a bamboo pillow cover. Not only is it sustainable, organic and naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and inhospitable to micro-organisms and parasites, but the breathable material helps to prevent overheating.

Eco friendly

Panda is committed to providing environmentally friendly products. The bamboo is ethically sourced and grown without pesticides, and all purchases are delivered in a recycled and recyclable box. The memory foam is built to last and thoroughly tested to ensure no harmful chemicals are present – nor are such chemicals used in the dyeing of products. Learn more about Panda’s eco-friendly business practices on its Environmental Policy.

Panda’s saving the planet journey

The company is also committed to customer satisfaction. Panda products come with a ten-year guarantee, as well as a free 30-night trial to make sure that the memory foam pillow works for you. Delivery and returns are free for all orders over £30.

Pillows are a personal choice, and the most suitable firmness and shape for you can depend on various factors including the size of your body and your sleeping position. But if you are struggling with discomfort in bed and traditional pillow designs aren’t working for you, consider trialling a memory foam pillow to help get your body in alignment. It might be the key to sleeping more easily.

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