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The best duvet cover 2024: Get a good night’s sleep beneath these bamboo, linen, and cotton duvet covers

Turn your bedroom into the cosiest place around with our pick of the best duvet covers

We know how important a good night’s sleep is – and when the long winter nights draw in, there’s nothing better than cosying up beneath the perfect duvet cover. But, how do you choose the perfect one to tuck yourself beneath?

Some duvet covers may look lush but, depending on the material used, they can end up being dry or scratchy against your skin. There’s also the thread count to consider, whether to opt for simple block colours or raucous patterns, and the all-important question of whether your new duvet cover can survive a spin in the washing machine without a fuss. Whether you’re budget conscious or looking for the most luxurious bedding, we’ve got you covered. Literally.

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Best duvet covers: At a glance

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How to choose the best duvet cover for you

What fabrics are duvet covers made from?

Cotton: probably the most popular choice of fabric thanks to its soft yet hard wearing nature. Different kinds of cotton have associated thread counts: typically, the higher the thread count the softer the cotton, and the longer it will last.

Blends like percale: usually a mix of cotton and polyester which is a cheaper option than pure cotton, and can be washed at a high temperature without risk of shrinkage or pilling.

Linen: thicker and more durable than cotton (and thus more expensive), linen has a magical ability to stay cool in the heat. It’s often the fabric of choice of hotels looking to achieve a crisp, stylish look. It can feel a little rough at first, but softens more with every wash.

Silk: naturally hypoallergenic and deliciously smooth against your skin, silk is a great choice if you have allergies. It’s also surprisingly cool to sleep under.

Bamboo: much like silk, bamboo is hypoallergenic, moisture wicking, and naturally resistant to mites and mildew. Great at regulating temperature, it feels silky but not as slippery as actual silk bedding.

Flannel: best for the winter months as the soft fuzz creates little pockets of air to insulate you against the cold.

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How much should I spend?

Covers can be quite pricey. Linen and Egyptian cotton, for example, can be around £100 – £200 for double duvets. Fortunately, the variety of cotton blends means cheaper options are readily available, but you should consider how long a cheap duvet cover will last, especially if you’re going to be washing it often. Remember, you spend a third of your life in bed, so it makes sense to splurge a little on bedding.

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The best duvet covers to buy in 2024

1. John Lewis Soft & Silky Egyptian Cotton 800 Thread Count: The best hotel-worthy duvet cover

Price when reviewed: From £165 | Check price at from John Lewis

john lewis soft & silky egyptian cotton 800 thread count

Classic and timeless, these crisp white sheets will appeal if you lust after hotel bedding. John Lewis’ bedding offers a choice of different thread counts, including this sumptuous range made from 100% Egyptian cotton. It’s been woven for a satin finish, so although the fabric feels somewhat silky and extremely smooth, it’s still safe to be washed at up to 40°C without fear of it being ruined. The texture and feel are lightweight, but sturdy enough to remain crisp and hotel-like. If you’re not a fan of white bedding, there are ice blue, rosa and cool grey shades to choose from, too. Prices start at £165 for a single duvet cover and go up to £245 for an emperor – certainly not cheap, but these duvet covers will last.

Key features – Sizes: Single, double, king, super king, emperor; Colours: White, cool grey, cream, ice blue, rosa; Material: 100% Egyptian cotton; Fastening: Buttons; Thread Count: 800; Washing Instructions: Machine wash at 40°C

2. Marks & Spencer Bamboo Duvet Cover: The best bamboo duvet cover

Price when reviewed: From £33 | Check price at M&S

m&s bamboo cover

If you’re a fan of silky smooth bedding, bamboo is the best option you’ve never considered. It’s wonderfully cool against the skin, feels a little like silk (but without that overly slippery sensation), and stays really soft with no pilling or bobbling. As it’s a natural, plant-based material, bamboo bedding won’t trigger any allergies or asthma, either, and because it’s made from wood pulp, bamboo also releases creases quickly, so you can get away without ironing.

This bamboo offering from M&S is actually made from a bamboo and cotton mix, and comes in a range of eight different colours, so there’s plenty to choose from. Customers have said the colours do differ a little from the website, which is worth bearing in mind before buying online.

Key features – Sizes: Single, double, king, super king; Colours: White, grey, mid grey, stone, cream, pink, mid blue, mint; Material: Bamboo; Thread Count: 300; Washing Instructions: Machine wash at 40°C

3. La Redoute Interieurs WAX Pure Cotton Duvet Cover: The best reversible duvet cover

Price when reviewed: From £25 | Check price at La Redoute

la redoute interieurs wax pure cotton duvet cover

For the low-maintenance bed owner, carefully chosen patterns can basically eradicate crumples and creases (and successfully avoid being ironed). This beautiful reversible duvet cover from La Redoute is made from 100% pure cotton with 57 threads/cm², and has a bold repeating circular print in blue and yellow on one side, with a micro pattern in mustard on the other. If the mood strikes, you can change the look of your bedroom in an instant but, either way, this cover is a bold and vibrant choice.

We love the duvet covers at La Redoute, which are surprisingly low in price for the quality on offer. Plenty of the Interieurs range feature stylish prints and often have matching pillowcases and sheets available, too. It’s worth bearing in mind that a few customers mention the king size of this duvet cover seems too big for a corresponding king size duvet.

Key features – Sizes: Single, double, king, super king; Colours: Blue/yellow print; Material: 100% cotton; Fastening: Buttons; Thread Count: 57 threads/cm²; Washing Instructions: Machine wash at 60°C

Buy now from La Redoute

4. Bedfolk Linen Duvet Cover: The best duvet cover for hot sleepers

Price when reviewed: From £109 | Check price at Bedfolk

bedfolk linen duvet cover

Sleeping beneath linen is a unique experience, as the breathable material’s somewhat magical quality means it’s cool in summer yet warm in winter. So, if you’re prone to sticking out a toe, foot or entire limb at various points of the night, opting for a linen duvet cover like this one from Bedfolk could be the answer.

It comes in five beautiful, natural shades, and has a wholly relaxed and light appearance – so it’s a wonderful surprise that this duvet cover actually feels quite heavy. Although it can feel a little rough to the touch at first, linen gets softer with each wash, so just pop it in the machine at 40°C and give it a gentle tumble if possible.

All of Bedfolk’s linen is a proper investment that should last for decades. It’s made in Guimarães, Portugal, and is woven “from the finest Belgian and French flax” – so you can fall asleep dreaming of this bedding’s truly romantic origin story.

Key features – Sizes: Single, double, king, super king; Colours: Ink, snow, rose, moss, clay, rust; Material: 100% linen; Fastening: Buttons; Washing Instructions: Machine wash at 40°C

5. The Range Apollo duvet and pillowcase set: The best duvet cover on a budget

Price when reviewed: From £10 | Check price at The Range

the range apollo duvet and pillow set

Although it’s absurdly easy to spend a lot on duvet covers, there are still plenty of budget options that don’t necessarily skimp on quality. The Range has some lovely covers, including this reversible one in a geometric pattern with a powder grey and white colour scheme.

Made from polycotton (52% polyester and 48% cotton), it probably won’t be the softest or best quality option, but it’s an easy, no fuss cover to wash in the machine with a subtle design that should fit nicely into any style of bedroom – and it also comes complete as a set with two pillow cases.

Key features – Sizes: Single, double, king; Colours: Grey/white; Material: Polycotton; Washing Instructions: Machine wash at 40°C

6. Amazon Dreamscene Kids Duvet Cover: The best children’s duvet cover

Price when reviewed: From £11 | Check price at Amazon

dreamscene duvet

A reversible pattern is a great way to keep your child’s interest in their bedding – and might also serve as a good distraction to keep them in bed a little while longer. Amazon has a wealth of duvet covers on offer, but we’re fans of this kid-friendly design, which features an array of colourful cartoon dinosaurs and their footprints on one side, and thick bright stripes in the same colour palette on the other.

It’s made from a durable polycotton (50% polyester and 50% cotton) that can withstand lots of washes. Size wise, it goes from cot bed up to double, so this cover can be enjoyed by bigger kids in bigger beds, too.

Key features – Sizes: Junior/cot bed, single, double; Colours: Green-orange-white; Material: Polycotton; Fastening: Buttons; Washing Instructions: Machine wash at 40°C

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