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This Black Friday OnePlus deal is ASTONISHING value

Get the OnePlus Nord for its lowest-ever price in this Black Friday deal

The OnePlus Nord is the Chinese company’s first attempt at offering top-level specs on a budget, and we were pretty impressed with it in our review last year. In an increasingly crowded budget field, the OnePlus Nord stands out as a top pick.

Now, for Black Friday, you can get it cheaper than it’s even been on Amazon. Instead of its RRP of £379, the phone can be picked up for £279 – a solid 26% saving.

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No doubt a big part of this is that it’s no longer the newest member of the OnePlus Nord family. That’s the OnePlus Nord 2, and the recent curveball Pac-Man special edition. 

But given even the basic OnePlus Nord 2 sells for the lowish price of £379, the original Nord remains a compelling option — especially when it’s not that much worse in terms of performance.

Yes, it trails by quite a bit more in 3D tests, so gamers may want to spend extra, but otherwise it’s a perfectly speedy handset. And, of course, it’s something of an anomaly at this price point, thanks to its support for 5G networks.

Just make sure you don’t pick up the OnePlus Nord CE by mistake — it’s the same price on Amazon, but is a slightly cut down version. Not a bad phone in its own right, but objectively worse overall.

While conceding that cheaper options with similar performance were available, our Head of Reviews, Jon Bray, concluded that the OnePlus Nord’s premium feel made it a worthwhile buy. 

“In the end, it all comes down to how much you value build quality and looks over other, more practical concerns,” he wrote. “The OnePlus Nord, certainly, is one of the best-looking phones we’ve come across at this price (£379). The specification is great, the battery life is very good and the camera isn’t bad at all.”

Now with £100 off, it can compete with those cheaper options on price, while maintaining its advantage in the style department.

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