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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is down 20% for Cyber Monday

20% cheaper and now with some free accessories, too.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is an exciting glimpse into the (possible) future of smartphones, but if you want to be one of the first to experience it, you’ll have to stump up a fair amount of cash. 
Still, anyone dead set on having the latest and greatest this Cyber Monday is in luck — Samsung has reduced the price by 20% and thrown in a rather excellent freebie to boot.
Head to Samsung’s official shop, add the Galaxy Z Fold 3 to your basket and apply the voucher code “BLACKFRIDAY” and the subtotal will not only drop to a more palatable £1,279.20, but you’ll also be gifted a free accessories kit featuring an S Pen stylus, a case for keeping it in and a 25W fast charger.
If that feels a bit too much for you, the previous generation Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is also available from Amazon for just £899. In terms of differences, it’s a bit slower, doesn’t support the S Pen and omits the under-screen camera introduced in the third generation (though this isn’t all that great anyway).
If that *still* feels too much for you, you could get the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 pre-owned. 4Gadgets is selling the phone in ‘Good’ condition for £679.99 or ‘Very Good’ for £699.99
I’d personally be wary of this option, though, purely because foldables have a finite number of folds they’re good for, and even though this would take a normal person about five years of average usage, who’s to say what a pre-owned foldable has been put through? Nonetheless, a £200 saving is a £200 saving.
All these options will get you a foldable for less, and so far Samsung has made the best folding handsets. You’ll pay more to be one of the first people to own a foldable, but still a bit less than you’ll pay once Cyber Monday wraps up for another year.
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