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Two new Titanfall game modes revealed at E3


Wingman LTS and Marked for Death added to Titanfall in July update

Gamers may have been a little disappointed that Respawn Entertainment didn’t announce a new, multi-platform sequel to Titanfall at this year’s E3, but the developer still had something to show off; the first gameplay from the two new game modes coming to the sci-fi shooter later this summer.

First announced at the PAX expo earlier this year, Respawn finally revealed the first gameplay from Wingman LTS and Marked for Death, the two new modes that will expand Titanfall’s current five gametypes.

Wingman LTS is a four-player version of the current Last Titan Standing mode, our preferred way to play Titanfall in which players have to eliminate the other team without any respawns or new titans until the next round. Wingman LTS is the first game mode that isn’t 6v6, and should give you and a friend a more personal Titanfall experience.

Marked for Death, meanwhile, goes back to the familiar 6v6 setup but highlights one player for the enemy team to attack. The rest of the team have to protect them, while also trying to kill the other team’s marked man.

Respawn also game gamers a brief look at the Titan burn cards, also due to arrive in the next update, that will add temporary buffs and boosts to the titular mechs to give players an edge over the competition in online matches. Finally, you’ll also be able to visually customise your titan with decals and paint jobs by unlocking challenges. If you’ve already put a lot of time into the game, these challenges unlock retroactively so you won’t have to go back to the weaker starting weapons if you’ve already maxed them out.

Best of all, the update will be free to download for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC gamers when it arrives later this summer.

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