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Nintendo WON’T announce new hardware at E3 2014

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo flatly denies rumours suggesting it will unveil new hardware at E3 2014

Nintendo will not be showing any new hardware at E3, despite industry sources claiming the console manufacturer was gearing up for a major launch.

IGN’s Peer Schneider had claimed that Nintendo were “absolutely” going to show new hardware at E3 2014, adding there was “no doubt” in his mind. Other reports had claimed that new hardware and games playable on it would be shown at E3. Nintendo has now confirmed to CVG that it has no plans to show new hardware at the show.

Nintendo has recently revealed it is working on new hardware, but said it wouldn’t be a traditional games console for core gamers. The company is keen to expand beyond traditional gaming into ‘quality of life’ products, but hasn’t elaborated on what this will mean.

Chief executive Satoru Iwata said Nintendo would reveal the system before the end of the financial year ending March 2015. Speculation was rife that Nintendo would show off the new hardware at E3 2014, but the company has moved to quash the rumours.

It is expected that Nintendo will focus on big first-party titles at E3, with the mysterious new hardware being revealed later in the year or possibly early in 2015.

Nintendo has continued to lose ground to rival companies Sony and Microsoft in the so-called console war. Despite major success with the Wii its successor, the Wii U has struggled to make much of an impact. The company will be hoping that stellar, big name first party titles can turn around its fortunes.

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