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The Xbox Series X is selling FAST this Black Friday

xbox series x black friday deal - lead

Early Xbox deals are selling out – here's the lowest price available

The Xbox Series X fell to its lowest ever price this Black Friday – and while the early Amazon £359 deal now seems to have sold out, it’s still only £10 more at Game. Awarded five stars and an Expert Reviews Best Buy award, the Series X stands out as one of the most powerful gaming consoles currently available.

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As we explain in our full Xbox Series X review, Microsoft’s next-gen console represents a significant leap in gaming technology. It supports 4K gaming at stable frame rates and introduces ray-tracing to consoles, a technology that simulates realistic light reflections and shadows. The console’s “Quick Resume” feature is also seamless, allowing players to switch between games quickly and easily. However, it’s worth noting that the 120Hz setting is limited to TVs with HDMI 2.1​​.

Internally, the Series X is powered by a custom-designed 3.8GHz AMD Zen 2 CPU, 16GB of GDDR6 RAM and an AMD RDNA 2 GPU, providing a graphics processing power of 12 teraFLOPS. This setup ensures not only improved graphical fidelity and frame rates but also substantially reduces load times, thanks to its 1TB NVMe SSD​​.

In terms of design, the Xbox Series X maintains a simplistic aesthetic. The console’s controller has also seen slight upgrades, including textured rear grips and triggers, and a new share button for capturing and uploading game clips and screenshots directly to social media​​​​.

The Series X’s user interface is familiar to existing Xbox owners, retaining the same tiled app layout as the previous generation. However, the increased power of the console greatly enhances the navigation experience, with the Microsoft Store and Game Pass games loading much faster. The Series X’s performance in gaming is noteworthy, with most games targeting 60fps at native 4K resolution and some even supporting 120fps at a downsampled 1440p​​.

Backwards-compatibility is a key feature of the Series X, with every Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One game being playable on the new system. Many of these games have received optimisations for the Series X, such as improved ray-traced visuals and higher frame rates​​.

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This is a fantastic deal for those looking for a next-gen gaming console. Its superior performance, fast load times and quality-of-life improvements make it a standout choice in the console gaming market​​.

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