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Black Friday weekend: Google Pixel 5 with 60GB of data for under £30 per month

Google’s latest and greatest is still reduced over the Black Friday weekend

The Google Pixel 5 is only 44 days old, but it’s already going on the cheap thanks to its launch’s proximity to Black Friday.

The phone costs £599 SIM free, but this contract deal from Carphone Warehouse spreads the payments nicely, while adding more data than you can shake a stick at. For £29.99 upfront and then £30 per month, you get the Pixel 5, unlimited calls/texts and 60GB of 5G data on Vodafone. That’s a total of £749.99 over the course of a two-year contract.

If you’re absolutely adamant you don’t need that much data, the link above points to other deals that are cheaper, but in my view weaker value. The £26.99 per month package from ID Mobile, for example, will cost you £697.75 over the duration of the contract, but you will only have 20GB of data per month to play with. And 5G being as fast as it is, I’d probably rather be safe than sorry.

Whichever you get, two years of calls, texts and data for £100-150 is great value, which makes this an excellent way of buying a Pixel 5 on contract.

Buy now from Carphone Warehouse

And what of the phone itself? Well, despite no longer chasing the fastest processor in town (the Pixel 5 settled for the surprisingly nimble Snapdragon 765G this year), the phone still has that Pixely magic of past years.

That’s in part down to the best-in-class camera processing that Google’s phones use, as well as the clean installation of Android that’ll be subject to immediate OS updates, but there’s more to it then that. Pixel phones, for me, are just greater than the sum of their parts – there’s just something indefinably nice about them.

As our Mobile Technology editor Nathan Spendelow wrote in his five-star review: “The Pixel 5 is proof that you don’t need to make sweeping changes with every generational leap. Well-priced, well-specified and just as formidable, the Pixel 5 is yet again leading the charge and waving the flag for Android.”

And at this price on contract, it’s better value than ever.

Buy now from Carphone Warehouse