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Apple iOS 7 on 90 per cent of iPhones as iOS 8 launch looms

Apple iOS 7

Nearly a year after launch iOS 7 is now installed on 90 per cent of all iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches

The current version of iOS is now used by 90 per cent of all iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users with nine per cent of people still using iOS 6.

With iOS 8 set to launch in the autumn, Apple has updated its iOS usage stats to show who is using what operating system. While the vast majority have now upgraded to iOS 7, around two per cent of people are using versions earlier than iOS 6.

Apple has steadily dropped support for older iOS devices when releasing new versions of the operating system. When iOS 8 launches it will support the iPhone 4S and newer, the iPad 2 and newer, the iPad Mini 1st generation and newer and the iPod Touch 5th generation and newer.

The release of iOS 7 only supported the iPhone 4 and above, with older versions of both the iPhone and iPad left languishing on software that was no longer supported or updated.

Apple said the latest iOS usage statistics were taken during a seven day period ending 13 July 2014. Released on 18 September 2013, iOS 7 was the first major cosmetic update to iOS with all apps, icons and menus given a new, flatter look.

With iOS 8 Apple will be fixing a number of design issues in iOS 7 while also adding new features and support for its new health and fitness tracking apps. The latest operating system will launch in the autumn, with a major update to Google’s Android operating system also expected. Android 5 L, which will see a complete design overhaul, is also expected to launch sometime this autumn.

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