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iPhone 8’s UK colours: What shades does Apple’s new baby come in?

You’ve got three choices…

Hello! I’ve been charged with telling you what colours the UK iPhone 8 comes in. I’m extremely flattered that you chose me rather than, say, an Apple Store genius to guide you on this journey.

So: you’ve decided to stretch your overdraft a little further and buy an iPhone 8, and now you need to decide what colour won’t grow tedious over the 24 months of your contract.

Let’s get right to it. The iPhone 8 comes in three colours: silver, gold or space grey. Compared to the iPhone 7 colour palette, that’s a little more limiting, but the good news is my word count is going to be considerably reduced.

This is what each iPhone 8 colour looks like:

iPhone 8 in space grey

Since when did grey become associated with space? Is it a plan to make it sound more exciting and less synonymous with the words “old” and “dull”?

In any case, the iPhone 8 isn’t available in black this time, but squint and the space grey model does a pretty good job. It’s definitely on the darker end of the grey spectrum, in any case.

iPhone 8 in gold

Gold smartphones get something of a bad rap, often dismissed as a tasteless person’s idea of tasteful (disclaimer: I had a gold Samsung Galaxy S7). The gold iPhone 8 won’t be to everybody’s tastes, but it’s quite pleasingly understated considering. It’s light, rather than gaudy, matching the new MacBook’s stylings.

The front is white, by the way – so if you like your handset to be the same all the way around, then you’re best sticking with space grey.

iPhone 8 in silver

If you like flashy, but not too flashy, then the silver iPhone 8 might be the perfect compromise. In fact, if Apple had adopted the silly naming conventions of its rivals, this might be called “ice white”.

Like the gold iPhone 8, it’s worth noting that the silver model is actually white on the front – meaning that if you change your mind about the flashiness, it’ll be easily covered by a good case.

More iPhone 8 colours to come?

It’s possible. After All, the iPhone 7 is available in five colours, not including the limited edition red model that did the rounds for a while. But for now, there are just three iPhone 8 colours to pick from – so make your choice wisely.