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iPhone X colours: Which colour is the best for you?

We break down the iPhone X colours to help you choose the best one

The swanky new all-screen, all-glass back iPhone X certainly looks striking in design, but what iPhone X colours are available? The answer is, unfortunately, not that many.

I’m afraid if you’re looking to sport a gold, a rose gold or even a red iPhone X, you’re out of luck. With the iPhone X’s minimal design, Apple has opted for an equally minimal colour palate, meaning you’ll have to take your pick from either Space Grey or silver. When you compare the colours of the iPhone X to that of the iPhone 7 and 8, it’s hard not to be disappointed by Apple’s most expensive iPhone. Still, we’re going to try and help you decide between the two, admittedly bland, colours.

iPhone X colours: Space Grey

A lot of people understandably like the dark Jet Black of the iPhone 7, and a sleek, black colour would have looked perfect on the iPhone X. Space Grey is the iPhone X’s version of the dark Jet Black and while it’s evidently not black, it still looks beautiful. Space Grey is the darkest shade available for the iPhone X. If you want anything that resembles Jet Black, opt for the Space Grey model.

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One thing the Space Grey model has going for it is that, because the screen surround on the Space Grey model is dark and coated in PVD (physical vapour deposition), it’s likely stronger and, consequently less likely to scratch. However, if it did scratch, you’ll probably be able to see the scratches quite easily.

Verdict: The Space Grey iPhone X has a classic look, and the screen surround may be more resistant to scratches.

iPhone X colours: Silver

The silver model is a more reserved and much fresher, lighter colour. It’s brighter and not so dark like the Space Grey. In fact, the silver model looks closer to white to us, which might worry those who are nervous about discolouration, although that’s unlikely to occur on the iPhone X. Still, if you’re worried, sticking with Space Grey is the safer choice.

The silver model has a stainless-steel screen surround rather than the PVD-coated surround on the Space Grey model. This means it might be more susceptible to scratching, but you’re less likely to notice them even if it does scratch.

Verdict: Want an iPhone that’s not too dark and doesn’t stand out too much? Go for the silver and you won’t be able to so easily see scratches and scuffs.

iPhone X colours: Verdict

In the end, it all comes down to preference. Unlike the iPhone 7 and 8, you can’t see the colour of your iPhone from the front, meaning you no longer need to purchase a black iPhone just because you’re concerned about distracting white bezels when watching videos. Do you prefer a darker handset or a lighter one? That’s what it really comes down to.

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