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Best Samsung Galaxy S9 case 2022: Protect your Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus

Protect your fragile Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus with these stylish and drop-proof cases

If you want to protect the beautiful Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus, you’re going to need to get yourself a case as soon as possible. Just because the S9 isn’t the latest Samsung phone – that award goes to the Galaxy S20 – doesn’t mean it deserves to be handled with any less care; indeed, if you’ve had your Galaxy S9 for some time, or have picked one up second-hand, you’re going to want to protect it if you expect it to last. 

Picking a case can be a tricky business, especially when you’re looking for the right mix of practical and stylish to perfectly showcase your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus.

Luckily, we’ve trawled the web and rounded up all of the best Galaxy S9 cases in one handy place, so that you can save your £700-plus investment from a smashing demise. Here’s Expert Reviews’ list of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus cases you can buy right now.

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Best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases

1. Gear4: Best S9 case for style and protection

Price: £35 | Buy now from Amazon

If you want a case that offers the ultimate protection for your Galaxy S9 or S9+ – let’s face it, who wouldn’t? – Gear4’s range of phone cases are the ones to beat. Made from a shock-absorbent material, these cases can withstand drops of up to 4m and can be purchased in four different London-themed variants.

First, there’s the Battersea, which comes in black and white, while the Oxford is entirely black, with both of these costing £35. The £30 Piccadilly case is completely clear, with a blue, pink and black trim.

Finally, the Victoria range can be purchased in four different designs: Feathers, Palms (as in palm trees), Mandala and Streak, with each costing £30.

2. Mous Limitless: Best protective slim S9 case

Price: £30 | Buy now from Mous

Phone case engineers Mous hold the title of the most crowd-funded phone case in history: the Limitless. So confident were Mous with the new protective phone case that they went down to the Apple Store on the launch day of the iPhone X to demonstrate its ability to keep the handset safe from drops. To do this, they put a real iPhone in the Limitless and gave it to strangers to toss around in the street.

The Limitless comes in a range of styles, such as Shell, Black Leather, Kevlar Carbon Fibre and Walnut (pictured above), and for the amount of protection they offer, they’re incredibly slim. The patented AiroShock material makes use of thousands of minuscule air pockets that absorb the impact from falls and distribute it evenly across the whole case – by the time the force of a hefty knock reaches your S9’s screen, it’s reduced practically to zero. Also inside the pack are a screen protector and a cleaning kit – a nice touch.

Don’t start thinking it’s indestructible, though: while Mous are happy to drop its own phones off the top of a crane, it’s not going to stop a tank shell, and some reviewers have managed to chuck it around enough to crack the case.

Buy now from Mous

3. Urban Armor Gear: Best all-around S9 protection

Price: £20 | Buy now from Amazon

Urban Armor Gear is well known for its drop-proof cases, but its cases are typically sold in the US only. Thankfully, Amazon now stocks the full Urban Gear S9 case range.

All of the cases are said to meet military-grade drop-test standards, kitted with five layers of protection and are compatible with Samsung Fast Wireless Charging and Samsung Pay. You can purchase them in four different models: Monarch, Plasma, Plyo and Pathfinder.

4. Spigen Tough Armour for S9 Plus: The best S9 case for under £20

Price: £12 | Buy now from Amazon

Spigen has so many protective phone cases to choose from and are one of the most well-regarded manufacturers in the field. We’ve chosen the simplest of the company’s designs, the classic Tough Armour; it’s saved many a Samsung Galaxy screen from smashing, and this updated model for the S9 Plus will doubtless do the same.

It’s an easy-to-assemble two-piece that offers excellent protection without bulk, and its edges are raised ever so slightly above the screen, allowing the phone to rest (or fall) face down without taking damage.

5. Samsung Clear View Standing Cover: The best flip cover case

Price: £22 | Buy now from Amazon

Along with the release of its latest flagship, Samsung has expanded its range of protective phone cases. At over £700, you’d hope there’d be a case included for no extra charge along with the phone itself, but alas. However, Samsung has made the phones so it ought to know a thing or two about keeping them safe.

The best of the Samsung bunch is the Clear View Standing cover flip case, which keeps your phone screen covered when not in use and doubles up as a stand for hands-free viewing. Best part of all, beyond the super-sleek design and screen shielding, is the transparent cover; it allows you to check the time, view battery power, and read messages or incoming phone calls without needing to open the case – saving you time while keeping your baby safe.

6. Carved Satellite Series: Completely unique S9 cases

Price: £43 | Buy now from Carved

If you want a phone protector that literally no one else on earth has, this is the case for you. Each Satellite Series case is a one of a kind resin-coated, hand-carved wooden work of art. Every piece is unique and crafted to mirror the beauty of our planet’s landscape as viewed from space; rivers, oceans, continents and hurricanes can all be found among the beautiful resin swirls and natural wood-grain patterns. It offers a decent level of drop protection and features grippy sides that prevent slippage.

Carved states that it puts a new piece on the website whenever one is sold, and recommend that you return to the site in a couple of hours if you can’t find the perfect fit for you. The Satellite Series is not just for the S9: there’s a dropdown list on the linked page that offers unique, masterfully crafted phone cases for iPhones and Google Pixels too.

We know this is something of a luxury item, and you’ll need to pay for the international shipping costs too, but if you’re looking for something truly special, something that will turn your phone into a sculpture of timeless beauty, invest in a Satellite.

Buy now from Carved

7. Snakehive Rosewood Wood Back: A great value wooden case

Price: £15 | Buy now from Amazon

You won’t find any other case with quality wood like this for such a low price. Snakehive’s wooden back cases feature a rubberised outer grip and inner lining to provide sturdy protection, plus a gorgeous back made of sustainably sourced, finely polished and coloured wood. In addition to the Rosewood cover, there are four other types of wood cases available, including walnut and maple. Rosewood is the most striking of all, but each design is gorgeous in its own way. All cases are also covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee.

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