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Best iPhone SE case 2022: Protect your new Apple phone from just £7

Apple iPhone SE (2020) front head on

The best iPhone SE cases to suit your every need

So you’re the proud owner of a brand-new iPhone SE (2020), and you’re looking for a case to keep that gorgeous exterior looking its best. That’s a great idea: the iPhone SE might look like a retro smartphone by today’s standards, but it is still just as susceptible to knocks and scratches as its more expensive siblings.

Finding the right case, however, is a bit like trying to find a needle in a very large stack of needles. On the face of it, it’s an easy task: phone cases don’t vary all that much, even if some have additional gimmicks alongside the required drop-proof characteristics.

But oh boy, are there a lot of cases to choose from. That’s why we’ve written this article: to help you separate the good cases from the bad and, ultimately, keep you from wasting your money.

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The best iPhone SE cases to buy

1. ESR iPhone SE case: Best cheap iPhone SE case

Price: £7 | Buy now from Amazon

We’ve picked out this transparent case from ESR for two reasons. First of all, it’s extraordinarily cheap: if your primary concern is spending as little as possible on basic scratch and drop protection, this is about as good as it gets.

Secondly, it’s the most inobtrusive case we could find. There are pitfalls to choosing a case this slim – it won’t offer much protection against heavier knocks – but if you’re the sort who can only just abide using a case at all, the borderline nonexistent frame of this particular case will no doubt appeal.

As an added bonus, ESR claims that the polymer used in the construction of this iPhone SE case won’t pick up fingerprints or other watermarks.

2. Spigen Tough Armor: Best tough iPhone SE case

Price: £13 | Buy now from Amazon

Spigen cases often feature in our articles, and with good reason. This iPhone SE case is a good mixture of durable and practical, with two layers of protection providing ample shock-proofing in case of a nasty tumble. Raised lips around the screen and rear camera protect both from scratches, while hard, tactile button covers prevent one of the worst forms of damage – a phone with a damaged power button is very bad news indeed.

This case also has a sturdy little kickstand built into the rear so you can rest your phone vertically or horizontally. If the gunmetal grey pictured above isn’t to your liking, the Tough Armor also comes in black and red.

3. iCatchy Leather Wallet Flip Case: Best iPhone SE flip case

Price: £7 | Buy now from Amazon

Everyone needs a flip case in their life. This unholy amalgamation of wallet and phone case is available in seven colours and has enough room for two bank cards and some cash, so you can keep your essentials close at all times.

The additional benefit of a flip case is that your phone receives the best possible protection from accidental screen scratches and other kinds of damage that normal cases cannot prevent. This iCatchy case also doubles as a phone stand, and if that wasn’t enough, is one of the cheapest options on this list.

4. Ted Baker Ellisee: Most stylish iPhone SE case

Price: £27 | Buy now from Proporta

If you’re looking for something a little different, and have a keen eye for style, then it’s hard to go wrong with the line of iPhone cases from Ted Baker, this elderflower all-over print for iPhone SE being no exception to the rule.Adorned by a beautiful floral design, covering both the front and back of the case, and featuring a mirror inside to help with the finishing makeup touches while in transit.

This pretty and protective case has enough heft to keep your iPhone safe from light impacts, and helps you to look your best at the same time, what’s not to love? Well, you’re paying a premium for that privilege, however, it comes with the territory as far as designer goods are concerned; you won’t find a case with this much charm anywhere else.

Buy now from Proporta

5. Apple Silicone Case: Best official iPhone SE case

Price: £29 | Buy now from Apple

Sometimes, you just don’t feel comfortable buying a third-party case. That’s where this official silicone case for iPhone SE comes in. You do have to pay a premium for a certified Apple product, but you can rest assured that the extra money is buying you a durable, well-made case that – crucially – won’t look out of place protecting your phone.

Available in three colours, the official silicone case offers middling protection but has the added benefit of being tightly moulded to your phone – as in, you won’t find it at all difficult to press the volume rocker or power button (a common issue with ill-fitting third-party cases).

6. Lanhiem SE Case: Serious protection for iPhone SE

Price: £23 | Buy now from Amazon

Let’s face it, sometimes we can be a little clumsy with our shiny new tech. That’s where the Lanhiem armoured case comes in: it seals your handset up in a three-layered metal chassis with shock absorption and a glass screen protector built-in. You can be sure that your iPhone SE will be safe and sound even if you drop it from great heights.

All of the ports are covered by a rugged hard plastic dust-proof coating, so that these essential connections are not damaged on impact. If you’re worried about the frame blocking the camera’s view, then fear not, as all sensors have full visibility. It may be a bit on the bulky and weighty side, but if you’re serious about keeping your iPhone SE safe, and don’t mind the added heft, then this case will keep your handset secure.

7. Wixann Battery iPhone SE Case: Best rechargeable battery case for iPhone SE

Price: £26 | Buy now from Amazon

Does your phone charge always let you down when you need it most? It might be time to invest in a charger case. Wixann has developed a super slim rechargeable case capable of getting some life back into any dying iPhone SE. All you have to do is slide your phone into the charging connection at the base of the case, as you would with a standard case, and you’ll be charged up in no time (after pressing the power button on the back of the case). There’s also an LED indicator that will tell you roughly how much extra juice you have to play with, but it should give you around two full charges.