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Deal alert: The Samsung Galaxy S8 is going cheap

Prime Day may be over, but there are still S8 bargains to be had

Update: All good things come to an end, and sadly that includes Prime Day. That means that the S8 and memory card bundle I wrote about yesterday has snuck back up to £507: still a good deal, but no longer the best out there.

So what is? I’ve had a dig around the internet and found that the Samsung Galaxy S8 typically sells for £489 now, and it can be had for that price at John Lewis and Currys. Undercutting them by another tenner is, which has the S8 SIM-free for £479.  

If you want to save a bit more money, there’s another way of buying it, though it is a tiny bit of a faff. On the page, scroll down to contracts and sort by “total cost of contract (low to high)”. You’ll see a Vodafone deal springs to the top: £30 upfront, and then £18 per month for two years. Do some quick sums, and you’ll see that brings the total cost of the phone to £462, undercutting the SIM-free price by a nose. Cancel the contract (or keep it if you’re happy with the terms) and you’ve got yourself a pretty good deal.

Not as good as the Prime Day one, but there we are…

The original piece continues below, if you want to feel sad for missing out

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was the best phone of 2017. In fact it was so good, powerful and generally brilliant that it’s still one of the best smartphones of 2018, over a year after its release. Objectively it isn’t as good as the recently released Galaxy S9, but in truth the differences in performance and camera are so minor that you’re better off saving your money and getting last year’s version at a cheaper price.

That cheaper price is usually around the £500-£600 SIM-free, but thanks to Amazon’s Prime Day discounts, you can now get the still-fantastic Samsung Galaxy S8 in midnight black for £439. And Amazon will even throw in an official Samsung 64GB microSD card to double the handset’s internal storage to a generous 128GB.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 and 64GB memory card from Amazon

So why is the Samsung Galaxy S8 so good? It pretty much has everything you could want in a phone. Fast performance? Check. A brilliant camera? Oh yes. Great screen? As good as it gets, yes. It’s even got wireless charging, waterproofing and room for a microSD card. It’s really hard to think of where it goes wrong. As our head of reviews Jonathan Bray said in his review, it’s “the best-looking phone on the market” – and given the design hasn’t changed with the S9, that remains as true today as it was in 2017.

Okay, so £439 may still not be impulse-purchase territory, but you’re unlikely to find a better handset in this price category. If you’d rather spend around half this, then the Moto G6 is going for £199, rather than its usual £240. And if you’re not in the phone market, there are plenty of other deals to consider…

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 and 64GB memory card from Amazon

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