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iPhone XR colours: Apple’s new “entry-level” handsets form a veritable rainbow

Somewhere, a clown just sneezed

The iPhone XR was unveiled last week, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Not least because famously pared-down Apple has unveiled the device in no less than six colours. The company hasn’t descended into multihued madness like this since the iPhone 5C. Gone, but never forgotten. Unless you got it in green, in which case, we advise that you do forget.

Anyway. The 5C is 2013’s news. Out with the old, and in with the £749 “budget” phone. While this might seem a tad steep, you were never going to go to Apple for a discount phone shopping, were you?

Its new baby, the iPhone XR, combines substance (4K video, AR-supported camera, a 6.1in screen) with style, debuting in no less than six tantalising colours. If you were hoping to get your mitts on it ASAP, you’ll be disappointed; it’s not available for preorder until 19 October, and will start shipping the subsequent week.

In the meantime, we pore over the iPhone XR’s colours in detail, for your perusing pleasure.

iPhone XR colours

iPhone XR white

Understated and elegant, like a swan, the iPhone XR white is the perfect handset for those who like keeping it classy. If you’re prone to messy handbags, satchels, rucksacks etc, we’d advise against this one; it’s vulnerable to some serious scuffage. Nonetheless, the white iPhone XR is a stunning £749 testament to the “less is more” mantra.

iPhone XR black

Understated and elegant, like a raven, the iPhone XR black is the perfect handset for those who like keeping it classy. Not as vulnerable to scuffs as its aforementioned sibling. Same gist though.

iPhone XR blue

Understated and elegant, like the ocean – no I’m just kidding. The iPhone XR blue has a fresh, funky feeling to it, making us hark back to the blue iPhone C. In a gender-neutral age, it should appeal to everyone, even your seven-year-old daughter. Although we sincerely hope you’re not preordering your seven-year-old a £749 iPhone.

iPhone XR yellow

Yellow is a happy colour. Someone once told me it was the colour of disease, but I like to glaze over that. The iPhone XR yellow should inject your life with a gratifying burst of colour, reminding you of buttercups, warmth and sunflowers. Or the plague.

iPhone XR coral

Much like its lighter, sunnier sibling, the coral iPhone XR will imbue your handbag, pocket and sideboard with a warm and heartening hue, but with more of an allure. It’s difficult to lose, too. We’re enamoured.

iPhone XR red

The sexiest of the iPhone XRs, the red handset oozes mystery. You can just envisage this handset clasped to the ear of some sultry-eyed stranger on the Central Line (though they’d just be pretending, given the lack of reception.) It’s the Martini of iPhones: bold, chic, a little bit too cool for you, but you’re going to commit anyway. Perfect for a rebrand.

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