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These cheap Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XR contracts are seriously good value

Premium handsets at a less premium price

Both the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Apple’s iPhone XR would have gotten more glowing endorsements from us if it weren’t for their high cost of entry. The former is basically flawless, but starts at £899, while the latter is almost as good as the more expensive iPhone XR, but still will set you back £749. With these high SIM-free prices, contracts tend to start at £45 per month and keep rising from there.
That’s why this weekend’s offer from is so tempting. The site is offering four excellent contract deals with o2, two for each handset, which bring the huge price of entry right down to something far more manageable.
Let’s start with the Note 9, as this is a deal I myself would snap up if it weren’t for the fact that I’m only six months into a contract. The 128GB Note 9 with 15GB data is currently available for £34 per month. Yes, there’s an upfront cost of £99, but Samsung is currently offering £175 cashback with Note 9 devices, meaning you’ll get that back in your account (plus an additional £76 for your trouble) within 30 days.
Let me save you the maths. That means you’re paying £740 over two years for a phone that SIM-free will set you back £899. Whoosh.
For the data hungry who want to bump that up to 30GB each month, the price rises to £38, but in this case the upfront cost is just £25 and the £175 cashback still applies for a grand total of £762. In other words: double the data for an extra £22.
The iPhone XR deals aren’t quite as good, but still pretty tempting if you prefer your handset to be Apple-flavoured. You can get an iPhone XR in black, blue, pink, red, white or yellow for £34 per month with 15GB data for £34 per month with £175 upfront cost. will also give you £100 cashback within 38 days, bringing to the total to a tempting £891.
There’s also a 30GB version for £38 per month with £75 upfront, and will reimburse that fee within 38 days. That brings the total cost to £912 over the course of a two-year contract.
Whichever deal you fancy, they’re limited time for this weekend only. So get your skates on if you want a new handset in time for Christmas.
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