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Our favourite budget phone, the Moto G6, is nearly a third cheaper in the New Year’s sales

The Moto G6 has everything for its RRP – at £160 it's simply incredible

Aside from a small blip with the fifth generation where parent company Lenovo phoned it in a bit (pun most definitely intended), the Moto G range has been synonymous with ‘bang for buck’ for six years. The Moto G6 is the pinnacle of this, packing stylish flagship-aping design, decent performance and a solid camera offering into a competitively-priced product.
At £220, it was a five-star product. At £159.99 – a saving of 27% – it’s even harder to resist. And that’s the price you can buy one for right now at John Lewis. At the time of writing, just the indigo version is in stock, so it may not last too long.
What’s especially good about this price is that it’s the dual-SIM version. As the name suggests, that means you can put two SIM cards in at once, allowing you to have a work and home phone number on the same device, for example, or to buy a local cheaper SIM when you’re on holiday to ensure you don’t end up on the end of an unpleasantly high bill when you return to the UK.
And of course it’s a damned fine phone in its own right. As Jon wrote in his glowing review: “If you have £220 to spend on a smartphone, this is the phone you want. It has a big 5.7in, 18:9 screen, runs the latest version of Android and looks like a mini Samsung Galaxy S9.
“For a budget phone, the Moto G6 is nothing short of exceptional. It doesn’t have quite the same level of specifications as flagships costing hundreds of pounds more, but it delivers astonishingly good value for money and has a great camera, too.”
In short, it was a bargain then and it’s even more of a bargain now. If you’re on a tight phone budget, you absolutely won’t regret giving Motorola your money, via John Lewis.   
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