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This Google Pixel 3 contract deal is cheaper than the SIM-free price

Plus you get unlimited calls and 9GB data for your money

Generally speaking, the main benefit of buying a phone upfront is that you’re paying less in the long run. If you drop several hundred pounds on a phone in one go, then you can go and get a cheap SIM with bags of data.

But sometimes a contract deal comes along that undercuts the price of the handset. These are definitely worth looking at, and this Pixel 3 deal is an absolute doozie.

For £28 per month, you get the Pixel 3 with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 9GB of monthly data on the top-rated EE network. Yes, there’s an upfront cost of £25 for the phone, but this can be cut to £15 by using the voucher code “10OFF” at checkout. That means you’re looking at a total of £687 for the lifetime of the contract – not too shabby when the phone itself retails for £739.

One small word of caution, though: the Google Pixel series has never had support for expandable storage. In other words, the 64GB internal to the handset is all you get. If that sounds like a problem, you can upgrade to the 128GB model by paying £89 up front, using the same discount code above.

That brings the whole thing to £761 – which is still £78 below the 128GB model’s £839 RRP. The lack of microSD slot is one of just two drawbacks I can think of with the Pixel 3 – the other is the lack of headphone jack. Other than that, it’s all very, very good. Whenever I’ve reviewed Pixel phones I’ve always struggled to sum up exactly why they’re so nice – the clean user experience and intuitiveness are just extremely welcoming in a way that other Android phones seem to miss. On top of that, of course, the camera is right up at the top of the smartphone tree and, being made by Android creators Google, you’re always at the front of the queue for new features and security patches.

As Nathan wrote in our review: “The Pixel 3 is still waving the flag for Android, delivering a further knockout blow to Apple, and it will be rocketing to the top of our smartphone hierarchy very soon.” At this price, it’s a no-brainer for Android lovers.   

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