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Best Huawei P30 and P30 Pro deals: The best contracts for Huawei’s long-awaited new handset

Huawei's latest phone is now in stores - here's our pick of the best deals

While it was far from flawless, the release of Huawei’s P20 Pro and P20 last year made us all pay attention to the Chinese tech company as a major contender in the smartphone market. Now, its successors, the Huawei P30 and its strapping sibling, the Huawei P30 Pro, have just hit shelves. As you can read in our full hands-on reviews of both, these offer a number of improvements over their predecessors, with the P20 Pro including a total of four cameras, one of which delivers an impressive 5x optical zoom.

As is the way with flagship phones that are fresh off the manufacturing line, you’ll have to part with a fair bit of cash for either the P30 or the P30 Pro but among the slew of pay monthly and SIM-free pre-order options available from launch you’ll find a few gems. We’ve listed our favourites below and ranked them according to various different factors: the amount of data offered, monthly outlay, and the upfront cost. 

Best Huawei P30 deals

Best for low upfront cost: O2 with Carphone Warehouse

Yep, you read right: a tenner upfront for a brand-new phone. And while you might feel the strain of that £38 monthly bill, it does get you a solid 30GB of monthly data, which isn’t to be scoffed at.

Data: 30GB | Minutes: Unlimited | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £40 | Upfront cost: £10 | Lifetime cost: £970

Buy now from Carphone Warehouse

Best for low monthly cost: O2 with

This contract comes straight from O2. If you can stomach the upfront cost of £175 you’ll find that the overall cost of this contract comes in at just £727, which is the lowest price among the early deals.

Data: 30GB | Minutes: 1,000 mins | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £23 | Upfront cost: £175 | Lifetime cost: £727

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Best for big data: Vodafone

The final cost of Vodafone’s Red Entertainment package is a lot higher than the others but with it, you get a super-sized amount of data each month, as well as a free, contract-long subscription to Amazon Prime, Spotify, Now TV or Sky Sports.

Data: 100GB | Minutes: Unlimited | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £53 | Upfront cost: £9 | Lifetime cost: £1,281

Buy now from Vodafone

Best Huawei P30 Pro deals

Best for low upfront cost: EE with Carphone Warehouse

Your Huawei P30 Pro will cost you a mere £10 when you sign up to this contract from EE. Okay, the monthly cost might sting a little but the contract comes with a generous 30GB of data, plus three months of BT Sport (mobile only) and six months of Apple Music included.

Data: 50GB | Minutes: Unlimited| Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £53 | Upfront cost: £10 | Lifetime cost: £1,282

Buy now from Carphone Warehouse

Best for low monthly cost: O2 with

We’ve seen cheaper monthly costs than this one from O2 but you get such piddling amounts of data with them that they’re not worth bothering with. This contract from O2 nets you 25GB of the good stuff plus unlimited texts and minutes for only £37 per month. You’ll have to cough up £199 upfront, mind.

Data: 25GB | Minutes: Unlimited | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £37 | Upfront cost: £199 | Lifetime cost: £1,087

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Best for monthly data: Vodafone

Vodafone has a habit of offering excellent data-heavy deals and this 100GB monster is no different. Along with the beefy data allowance, you can choose from a two-year subscription to Amazon Prime, Spotify, Now TV or Sky Sports. The deal isn’t much pricier than the same package with the P30 if you’re still weighing up between either handset.

Data: 100GB | Minutes: Unlimited | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £57 | Upfront cost: £29 | Lifetime cost: £1,397

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