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Argos is clearing its Pixel 2 phones at a great price

The Pixel 2 is still a wonderful phone, and it’s now at a tempting price

I’ve reviewed a couple of Pixel phones now, and there’s something indefinably nice about them. They’re probably the most intuitive Android devices out there for beginners, the cameras are world-class and they get the latest versions of Android before everyone else.
There’s an awful lot to like in other words, but one thing that’s typically a little offputting is the price. Unlike the Google Nexus phones that preceded it, the Pixel brand is a premium product with a price to match.

If you’re prepared to drop a generation, though, Argos seems to be clearing out its stock of Pixel 2 handsets. You can buy the 64GB Pixel 2 for £330 or the same capacity Pixel 2 XL for £380.
One important thing to remember, and one of the few missteps Google has made with the Pixel: there’s no microSD slot. That means that the storage you opt for is all you’ll ever have. With that in mind, it’s probably worth considering the 128GB models for a little more peace of mind. The 128GB Pixel 2 goes for £380 or you can get a 128GB Pixel 2 XL for £400.
These are good prices all round, and the only reason I can see to hesitate is that the phones are 18 months old now. They don’t feel too sluggish yet, and with Google controlling both the hardware and OS, there should be a bit more of a buffer than usual, but it’s a valid concern.

Still, we’re a good six months away from the Pixel 4. If you can’t find a good deal on the Pixel 3, this will make a more-than-adequate phone for some time to come.
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