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The Huawei Mate 20 X is going cheap at Amazon

A whole lot of phone for £200 less

The Huawei Mate 20 X certainly isn’t for everyone. It wasn’t for me when I reviewed it earlier this year, but only for the very same reasons that it’ll appeal to a whole lot of people: it’s enormous. As I said at the time, it’s around the same size as the Nintendo Switch’s screen without the joy-cons: a whopping 7.2in from corner to corner.
The screen isn’t the only thing that’s big, of course. A phone of this size commands a big price tag, and while it retailed for £100 less than the Mate 20 Pro, that still comes to a not insubstantial £799.
But now Amazon has not only knocked £200 off that, they’ve also bundled in a couple of very useful accessories. That means that for today only you can get the Huawei Mate X, the M Pen stylus and a Smart View Flip Cover for £599.95. Or five monthly payments of £120, if that feels more palatable.
The M Pen is Huawei’s answer to the Apple Pencil and Samsung’s S Pen. That means it’s a pressure-sensitive stylus that allows you to take notes and doodle whenever the mood takes you, which is pretty handy for a screen of this size. It doesn’t slot into the phone itself, like the S Pen, but it’s still pretty useful.  
The Smart View Flip Cover, which usually sells for £17.49 on its own, offers a bit of protection to the phone without impeding how you use it. The transparent viewing window allows you to see notifications and steps taken, and it even lets you answer calls without flipping it open. Again, that’s handy in a phone that can prove a little unwieldy.
Make no mistake: using a 7.2in phone takes a whole lot of getting used to, but if you can get past this, there’s plenty to like. The screen is great, it’s just as powerful as the more expensive Huawei Mate 20 Pro, and it has a truly wonderful camera that’s only just been beaten by that of the company’s P30 Pro.
In other words, there’s a whole lot of phone to love – in every sense. And at this price point, there’s one more thing. 

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