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5G iPhone: 2020 will see three 5G iPhones, report suggests

Apple has reconciled with Qualcomm, hinting at three 2020 5G iPhones

Hot on the heels of Apple’s $1 billion Intel deal – in which the former purchased the bulk of the latter’s modem business – comes news that 2020 will see three new 5G-enabled iPhones. 

Respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that all three of the 2020 releases will come equipped with 5G, despite having previously hinted that only the 5.4in and 6.7in iPhones would be 5G-capable. 

The prediction comes after Apple and current chipmaker Qualcomm reconciled following a spate of legal disputes in recent months. The coming years will see Apple start developing its own modems after the Intel deal, with the company slowly parting ways with longtime partner Qualcomm.

Still, next year’s iteration of iPhones will likely come equipped with Qualcomm-made – not Apple-made – modems, with analysts commenting that R&D for the company’s own modems will take over a year. 

Nonetheless, Kuo posits, this transition shouldn’t stop Apple from launching three new 5G-capable iPhones next year, so consumers should ready themselves for Apple to debut the new technology. 

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We’ve done some digging on the 5G generation of iPhones, so read on to find out everything we know about a potential 5G iPhone.

5G iPhone: What is it?

Apple’s not-yet-existent 5G iPhone is exactly that: a 5G-enabled iPhone that will enable users to surf the internet, download files and communicate instantaneously on a superfast 5G network. While the list of phone manufacturers producing 5G phones is snowballing – Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, LG and Xiaomi have all thrown their hats in the ring – Apple is yet to jump on the 5G bandwagon.

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In order to connect to a 5G network, users require a phone that is 5G compatible. And with boosted speeds, uninterrupted connection and rapid downloads, it’s not hard to see why Apple fans are lusting after a 5G iPhone.

5G iPhone: When is it coming?

Most recent reports hint to a September 2020 release for Apple’s first 5G iPhone, with few reputable leaks suggesting that the high-spec phone will launch this year. It looks like those planning on purchasing an iPhone 11 will have to get used to run-of-the-mill 4G for the time being.

As for when a 5G iPhone that benefits from an Apple-produced modem will finally hit the scene, some reports point to 2021 or beyond, citing the recent Intel deal as just the first step, notable though it is, in Apple developing its own modems.

What is this Intel deal you ask? Apple recently acquired the bulk of Intel’s smartphone modem division in a whopping $1 billion deal, bringing consumers one step closer to a 5G-equipped iPhone.

In numbers, the deal will see Apple emerge with roughly 2,200 Intel employees, 17,000 wireless technology patents and – of course – part with a hefty $1 billion in exchange.

The move marks the first step towards Apple developing its own modem for 5G iPhones, but experts warn not to start reaching into your pockets just yet: the deal is the beginning of a long and intricate process of R&D, with some analysts suggesting we won’t see an Apple-produced 5G modem in its handsets until after 2021. Sigh.

In the meantime, Apple’s six-year modem-provision deal with chipmaker Qualcomm shouldn’t prevent it from unveiling a 5G iPhone – it just *probably* won’t come equipped with an Apple-produced modem just yet.

We will be updating this page as and when we receive more information regarding the 5G iPhone and Apple-produced modem, so be sure to check back.

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