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Best Google Pixel 4 deals: Google’s newest flagship is available to preorder

It's not due to hit shelves until the end of October, but here are the best preorder deals for the Google Pixel 4

After suffering from more leaks than the HMS Titanic, the Google Pixel 4 is finally available to preorder. We could say it’s landed with a whimper rather than a bang, seeing as so many of its features have been revealed in advance – and the changes aren’t quite as drastic as we were initially hoping for. But that would be unkind, and besides, after a brief time with both new handsets, the Pixel 4 and 4 XL seem to be a quietly confident next step.

One thing we definitely want to call out is the fact that the Google Pixel 4 is considerably less pricey than other brands’ recent four-figure flagship offerings. (Yes, we’re looking at you, Samsung and Apple.) So, while there aren’t currently any bargains for a handset that’s yet to hit store shelves, you’ll still find some excellent contracts from a number of major providers – along with one or two nice freebies.

We’ve rounded up the best Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL deals below, which we’ve arranged by all the typical criteria. Whether it’s a small upfront cost, a low monthly bill, or bucketloads of data that you’re looking for, you’ll find them all below.

Deal alert: Get a free Chromebook and save £20 with iD

A number of network providers are offering a pretty awesome giveaway in the form of a HP Chromebook 14 (worth £229), but if you pick up a Google Pixel 4 with iD, then you can also enjoy a £20 reduction from the upfront cost. All you have to do is enter the promo code IDMOFF20 at the checkout.

The best Google Pixel 4 deals

Best for low upfront cost: O2 with Carphone Warehouse

Yep, that monthly cost of £49 is very much what we would describe as ‘flagship prices’ but if you’d rather stagger your spending than cough up lots of money upfront, the this is the ideal Pixel 4 contract. That hefty 90GB of monthly data should keep the data-addicted happy, too.

Data: 90GB | Minutes: Unlimited | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £49 Upfront cost: £10 | Lifetime cost: £1,186

Buy now from Carphone Warehouse

Best for low monthly cost: EE with

You might find contracts with cheaper monthly bills – and smaller lifetime costs – but we’re assuming that most people don’t want contracts with a paltry 1GB or 2GB of monthly data. This contract from EE is the best we’ve seen, as long as you’re happy with just 4GB of data.

Data: 4GB | Minutes: Unlimited | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £23 | Upfront cost: £330 | Lifetime cost: £882

Buy now from

Best for data: Vodafone with Carphone Warehouse

For some folks these days, the only acceptable data offering is a limitless supply. If you’re a self-confessed dataholic, then this contract from Vodafone should do the job – the monthly cost isn’t that steep, all things considered, and that low-ish upfront cost makes the overall cost a fairly palatable £1,142.

Data: Unlimited | Minutes: Unlimited | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £43 | Upfront cost: £110 | Lifetime cost: £1,142

Buy now from Carphone Warehouse

The best Google Pixel 4 XL deals

Best for low upfront cost: O2 with Carphone Warehouse

Again, it’s O2 that offers the best contract with a low handset cost – there are similar contracts available where you don’t have to pay anything at all upfront, but their lifetime costs add up to more. And they certainly don’t offer the 90GB of monthly data that this one does, either.

Data: 90GB | Minutes: Unlimited | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £49 | Upfront cost: £9.99 | Lifetime cost: £1,188

Buy now from Carphone Warehouse

Best for low monthly cost: Vodafone with

If you’re happy with just having 5GB of monthly data at your disposal, then you’ll see that this offering from Vodafone adds up to a very reasonable contract indeed – even if you do have to stump up £370, to begin with. 

Data: 5GB | Minutes: Unlimited | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £24 | Upfront cost: £370 | Lifetime cost: £946

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Best for data: Vodafone with Carphone Warehouse

Again, Vodafone offers the best Pixel 4 XL contract if data is your top priority. For an overall cost of £1,106, you get limitless data at a rate of just £44 per month. There’s one caveat, though: the contract only offers maximum speeds of 2MB per second.

Data: Unlimited | Minutes: Unlimited | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £44 | Upfront cost: £49.99 | Lifetime cost: £1,106

Buy now from Carphone Warehouse

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