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Deal alert: The Samsung Galaxy S10 with 100GB data is £35 per month

One of the best handsets of 2019 is now a lot more affordable

As a rule of thumb, it’s hard to go wrong with a Samsung flagship phone. The world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer hasn’t made a dud in years, and the company’s top-end handsets are always feature-packed. 

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a case in point: not only is it super powerful with a fabulous camera, it also has expandable storage, wireless charging, waterproofing and a headphone jack. One thing it doesn’t have, however, is a wallet-friendly price tag. SIM-free, the handset would have set you back £799 at launch, which was enough to rob it of the full five stars in our review.

Eight months later, and it’s now a more palatable option, especially with this deal from Three. For £35 per month, plus an additional £29 upfront, you can get the Galaxy S10 handset with 100GB of monthly data. You also get unlimited call minutes and texts, if you still use ‘em. 

To save you the brain-ache, that comes to £869 over the duration of a 12-month contract. That’s £70 more than RRP for the phone SIM-free, but with the added bonus of paying in installments and that 100GB data. While Three doesn’t do a 100GB SIM that we can see, a 30GB one will set you back £18 per month on its own.

But the real star of the show is the phone itself, of course, which is still one of the best released in 2019. As Nathan wrote in his review: “Samsung’s Galaxy S10 still represents the very pinnacle of smartphone technology. It moves things on in design, drawing level with Apple in terms of pure aesthetics, while simultaneously introducing a wealth of welcome new additions.”

The only drawback at the time was the price. This deal makes it a far more tempting proposition.

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