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The cheapest way to get the Apple iPhone 11 in the Black Friday sales has released a number of decent upgrade options covering refurbished iPhone 7s up to Apple's latest iPhone 11

In what appear to be early Black Friday deals from, the online retailer has released a number of decent upgrade options covering refurbished iPhone 7s up to Apple’s latest iPhone 11. sells SIM-only, Pay-As-You-Go and Pay Monthly handsets and contracts for all of the UK’s major networks and for each one, it recommends which plan it feels is the best value, or offers the best features. 

However, it can be quite easy to take many of these recommended deals on face value and this can result in you spending more than you intended. 

To help you filter through these offers, we’ve worked out the total contract price for each of’s deals and compared these with the price of buying the phones outright and getting equivalent SIM-only plans. Prices are correct at the time of writing. 

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iPhone 11 64GB’s recommended Pay Monthly plan for a 64GB iPhone 11 is via EE. For £49 per month with no upfront fee, you can get the iPhone 11 in black, green, purple, red, yellow and white with 60GB data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts. This plan additionally comes with free roaming in 48 countries, six months-free Apple Music, six months-free MTV Play and three months-free of BT Sport.

This is for a two-year contract, so the total cost works out at £1,176

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Alternatively, a SIM-free 64GB iPhone 11 costs £729 from, and Virgin Media is currently offering 60GB of data for the price of 20GB, with unlimited calls and texts, on a SIM-only plan. This plan doesn’t come with any free subscipriptions but does allow you to rollover your data and send WhatsApp messages without using your allowance. It costs £20 per month for 12 months, which puts the total cost at £969.

All SIM-free iPhones currently come with a year’s free subscription to Apple TV Plus.

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iPhone 11 128GB

If you’re after an iPhone 11 with more storage, recommends getting it on O2. You can choose from either a 90GB plan, or a 120GB plan. Both come with unlimited calls and texts, access to O2 Priority offers and free roaming in 48 countries.

The 90GB plan costs £41 per month for two years, with an upfront fee of £199. This takes the total cost to £1,183.

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The 120GB plan has a lower, £150 upfront fee but costs £47 per month for two years, taking the total cost to £,1278.

Alternatively, a SIM-free, 128GB iPhone 11 is available for £779 from, and for £23 a month for 12 months you can get Vodafone’s Unlimited Data package. This comes with Unlimited calls and texts, 5G, Vodafone’s VeryMe rewards scheme and takes the total cost to £1,055.

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iPhone XS 64GB

If you’re not interested in having Apple’s flagship phone, you can get a better deal on last year’s range including the iPhone XS.’s recommended deal is with O2 and costs £35 a month on a two-year contract with a £199 upfront fee. This comes with 30GB of data, unlimited calls and texts. Over the course of the contract, you’ll pay a total of £1,039. 

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SIM-free versions of the iPhone XS are more expensive than the iPhone 11 and is currently selling it for £949. You can then get a 24-month, SIM-only plan from EE that comes with 40GB of data, unlimited calls, unlimited texts, free roaming in 48 countries, six months-free Apple Music, six months-free MTV Play and three months-free of BT Sport, for £25 a month. 

This takes the total cost to £1,549, making the O2 deal better value. 

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iPhone 7 128GB (Refurbished) is also highlighting deals on refurbished models of Apple’s 2016 iPhone 7. The beauty of getting a refurbished phone is that you pay a lot less for models, usually with more storage, without sacrificing the warranty as is the case when you buy second-hand from third-party sellers. 

For £26 per month for two years, and no upfront cost, you can get a refurbished iPhone 7 with 128GB on O2. This plan comes with 10GB, unlimited calls and texts and O2 Priority. The total cost of this contract works out at £624. 

A SIM-free iPhone 7 costs £494 from, and ID Mobile is offering a one-month rolling contract with the same amount of data, calls and minutes for £14 a month. This represents much greater value in the short term, however, if you stayed on this rolling contract for the same amount of time as the O2 Pay Monthly plan, the total cost would rise to £830. 

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