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Best Black Friday EE deals: Save £410 on the iPhone XS Max on EE

Black Friday 2019 is gearing up to be a big one, with the phone deals rolling in thick and fast

To celebrate Black Friday, network operator EE has unveiled more of its official offers as part of what it’s calling the Black Friday Mega Weekend deals.

We’d already seen a number of Black Friday EE deals go live from third-party sellers, including Fonehouse – and these deals are listed further down this article – but over the traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, EE itself has launched a series of discounts on pay-monthly and pay-as-you-go plans, broadband packages, handsets, tablets and accessories. 

Best Black Friday EE deals

The most recent deals to launch include 

This is in addition to the deals already revealed, including: 

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If you’re after a Pay-As-You-Go plan instead,EE is offering the Samsung A10 for £89.99 when bought with a £10 top up – down from £119.99. Customers can also get triple data on a £10 Data Pack.

Alternatively, if you already own a phone and aren’t looking to upgrade, EE is offering a pay-monthly SIM-only deal with 60GB of data for £20 per month for 18 months, or 100GB for £25 a month.

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Best Black Friday Fonehouse deals on EE

Best Black Friday EE deals: iPhone 11 64GB

The trusty iPhone 11 is a total steal this Black Friday thanks to the good folks at Fonehouse, with this handset setting you back £41 per month and a paltry upfront cost of £19 for a whopping 75GB of monthly data. That’s a total cost of £1,003.

That works out at over a third cheaper than if you bought the phone SIM-free (£729) with an unlimited data contract: these start at £34 on EE, bringing the sum total to £1,545. We know which we’d rather…

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Best Black Friday EE deals: iPhone 11 Pro 64GB

In the market for something a little snazzier? The much-hyped iPhone 11 Pro has received the similar sales treatment at Fonehouse: get 100GB of data for just £56 per month, with a modest £99 upfront cost. In total? You’ll be spending £1,443.

According to our savings calculation, if you bought the SIM-free handset for £1,049, then added an equivalent EE unlimited contract on top of that (which start at £34 per month), you’d be looking at a grand total of £1,865. Ouch.

Buy the iPhone 11 Pro now from Fonehouse

Best Black Friday EE deals: iPhone XR 64GB

Not fussed about going top of the range? The XR is a highly commendable handset that’s going super cheap this Black Friday season. Yours with 50GB of data for just £33 per month, with a £45 upfront fee. All-in-all, a three-digit spend at £837. Not bad at all.

Meanwhile, if you forked out for the SIM-free model (£599), unlimited contracts start at £34 per month with EE, bringing the total to £1,451. Opt for Fonehouse’s deal, and you’d be walking away £600 richer.

Buy the iPhone XR now from Fonehouse

Best Black Friday EE deals: Samsung Galaxy Note 10

If Apple’s not your thing, don’t despair. Fonehouse is offering major savings on the phenomenal Samsung Galaxy Note 10, with 75GB of monthly data for £46 per month – and no upfront cost. That’s a total cost of £1,104.

With these babies retailing at £869 SIM-free, and unlimited contracts at EE starting at £34 per month, you’d be looking in the region of £1,685 otherwise.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 from Fonehouse now

Best Black Friday EE deals: Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB

Meanwhile, the divine Galaxy S10 rings in at just £33 per month for 75GB monthly, with a modest £65 upfront fee, tallying up to £857 in total.

If you opted for SIM-free with an unlimited EE contract, you’d be looking at £899 for handset alone plus £34 per month – bringing the total to £1,615. Opt for the former and you’re saving £758.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB from Fonehouse now

Best Black Friday EE deals: Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB

Want that supersized? Fonehouse is offering the S10’s bigger brother – the Galaxy S10+ – with 50GB monthly data for just £33 per month, plus a £150 upfront cost (£942 total).

Meanwhile, if you purchased the phone outright (£899) with an unlimited contract to boot (£34 per month with EE), you’d be spending £1,715 in total. Black Friday really is kind to us…

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S10+ from Fonehouse now

Best Black Friday EE deals: Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB

Last but certainly not least, Fonehouse is serving up the affordable goods by way of Samsung’s S10e 128GB. Get the handset with 30GB monthly data and no upfront cost for an eminently reasonable £31 per month. Don’t mind if we do…

For good measure, we’ll calculate potential alternative costs here too: you’re looking at £670 for the handset SIM-free, with 30GB per month contracts going for £25 per month with Virgin Media. That’s £1,270 total.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S10e 128gb from Fonehouse now