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This Pixel 4 deal offers bags of data at a reasonable price

Not bad for a brand new handset

If you’ve been eyeing up the Pixel 4, but haven’t quite been able to stomach Google’s £669 SIM-free asking price, then this new EE contract could be just the tonic.

For £41/mth, you get the Pixel 4 in your choice of colour along with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 75GB of data. There’s no upfront cost, so it’ll set you back a grand total of £984 over the course of a two-year contract. Not bad, considering that EE’s 50GB data plan costs £24/mth – or £576 over two years – at the time of asking.

Considering the Pixel 4 was only released a month ago, that’s not a bad price at all. There are undoubtedly cheaper ways of getting phones of similar specs, but the Pixel series has its own set of advantages – mainly that it gets access to Google’s Android updates before anyone else and has a best-in-class camera.

In the past, it’s always felt like a phone that’s greater than the sum of its parts too, and that’s broadly true of the Pixel 4 – although it makes a few rare missteps this time around. Mainly in the form of patchy battery life and weak face detection – the latter of these is a bigger issue than it should be, thanks to Google’s baffling decision to remove the fingerprint reader.

Despite this, it’s still a lovely phone to use. “On paper at least, the Pixel 4 doesn’t seem to provide much that would warrant an upgrade,” Nathan wrote in our review. “But as soon as you begin to dig deeper and start analysing the long list of small changes that you might have otherwise dismissed, you’ll find they all add up to something far greater.

“Does the Google Pixel 4 represent the very pinnacle of what Android can muster? Absolutely. Is it currently the best smartphone on the market? The answer to that question, I’m afraid, isn’t clear.”

Still, if it absolutely must be Pixel for you, then you won’t currently find a better contract deal.

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