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This Pixel 4 deal is incredibly good value for Black Friday

20GB data for £29 per month is fabulous for a brand new flagship

Google’s rather good Pixel 4 handset has only been out for 35 days, and it’s already available for a substantial discount. Reduced to £599.99 SIM-free, for my money you’re better off getting it on this 24-month contract from
For £29 per month, you get the 64GB Pixel 4 in your choice of black, white or orange, along with unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 20GB of data on the Vodafone network. You have to pay an upfront cost of £9.99, so all in it comes to a grand total of £705.99.
Given the phone on its own cost £669 just over a month ago, that’s a fabulous deal, and obviously paying in monthly installments makes the overall cost much easier to swallow.
What of the phone itself? Well, as it’s Google-made, the first thing to know is that you’ll be first in line for updates to the Android operating system. Secondly, Google knows how to make a brilliant camera, and the photos from the Pixel 4 are the best yet. Like Pixels past, it’s a pleasure to use with the Snapdragon 855 processor making it as snappy a performer as any Android flagship this year, to boot.
But it’s not completely without fault. The decision to ditch the fingerprint reader is a pain – especially if you’re a regular user of banking apps – and the facial recognition for unlocking which replaces it isn’t 100% reliable yet, either. There are also questions over its battery life, with the 2,800mAh cell lasting just 12 hours and seven minutes in our looped-video test.
All the same, Nathan was impressed enough to give it a four-star review and the coveted Expert Reviews ‘recommended’ award. “Does the Google Pixel 4 represent the very pinnacle of what Android can muster? Absolutely,” he wrote. “Is it currently the best smartphone on the market? The answer to that question, I’m afraid, isn’t clear.”
Still, at £29 per month, it’s become a value option. And at this price, it’s an easy recommendation. 
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