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Vodafone has a great deal on the 5G Samsung Galaxy S10

Be ahead of the curve with this generous S10 5G deal from Vodafone

We’ve been left a bit dispirited by the lack of good 5G deals going into Black Friday, but Vodafone has saved the day with this appealing contract for the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.
For an upfront free of £29 and then £48 per month, you get the 256GB Galaxy S10 5G with unlimited texts, minutes and 5G data. Crucially, it’s on Vodafone’s Unlimited Max package which means you won’t face any speedcaps as you enter the brave new world of 5G.
Okay, that still doesn’t make it exactly cheap – you’re looking at a total cost of £1,181 over the course of a 24-month contract – but bear in mind that the phone on its own is supposed to retail for £1,099 before you even get into the cost of unlimited 5G data.
It’s worth remembering 5G is very much in its infancy, and you’re unlikely to get much coverage round you for a few months yet. You’re essentially paying for a little bit of future proofing and a lot of bragging rights.
That said, the Galaxy S10 5G isn’t just the regular S10 with added 5G, despite that being exactly what the name implies. You get both a bigger screen and battery than its cheaper siblings – 6.7in and 4,500mAh respectively – and it also comes with an additional camera on the back for 3D depth sensing.
As Nathan wrote in our review: “According to our usual ranking criteria, it’s practically faultless in every single area.” The only reason he didn’t give it the full five stars is because, for now, 5G simply doesn’t live up to its promise – though I have little doubt it will over the course of a 24-month contract taken out today.    
If you want to get in on the 5G revolution on the ground floor, this is probably the best phone to do it with. And at this cheaper price, it’s finally competitive.
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