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OnePlus Concept One release date: New OnePlus concept phone has disappearing rear cameras

OnePlus Concept One announcement and details to be shown off at CES 2020

The OnePlus Concept One special event will be held from 7-10 January at the Wynn, Las Vegas

To mark its sixth birthday, OnePlus made a cryptic announcement about a mysterious new handset set to be unveiled this month.

Following the news that OnePlus will be hosting a special event at CES in January, the Chinese phone maker announced it will be using this event to introduce its first-ever concept phone, the OnePlus Concept One.

Beyond the name, very little has been given away with a press release simply saying: “The name itself is a clear promise that this device is the first in a series to come and shows OnePlus’ commitment to applied, innovative technology.”

Without further ado, here’s everything we know so far about the OnePlus Concept One.

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OnePlus Concept One: everything you need to know

OnePlus Concept One release date: When will it launch?

The short answer, as you might expect is: We have no idea. This is a concept phone, after all, and as such may well remain confined to the hallowed halls of the OnePlus design team’s collective imagination.

All we know is that OnePlus will be showing off pictures/video footage of a futuristic smartphone at CES 2020, which begins on 7 January in Las Vegas. We may well see a prototype to go alongside the images but it won’t be one of the all-singing, all-dancing events normally associated with a flagship phone launch. 

OnePlus Concept One price: How much will it cost?

Again, your guess is as good as ours. This is a smartphone that may never see production, so no suggestion is too ludicrous. Could it be over £1,000? Yes, absolutely. One thing is for sure: If the Concept One does launch in its entirety – rather than lend its brightest ideas to other OnePlus phones – you can expect it to cost a small fortune.

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OnePlus Concept One features and specs: What’s new?

To build anticipation for the OnePlus Concept One special event at CES, OnePlus has Tweeted a spoiler. A spoiler that could give the smartphone industry a much-needed kick in the backside. Here’s the Tweet:

That’s right: The Concept One has a triple rear camera that can be hidden behind a layer of colour-changing “electrochromic” glass. It’s clearly a showoff-ish feature, but to be honest, it’s better than bendy displays.

Otherwise, all we have to go on is a cryptic piece of marketing pamphlet material. The OnePlus Concept One will apparently deliver “an ever smoother, faster, and more ‘burdenless’ experience” while “demonstrating a vision of both new technology and alternate design approach for the future of smartphones.”

The OnePlus Concept One special event will be held from 7-8 January 2020, from 10:00am to 5:00pm, and from 10:00am to 4:00pm on 9-10 January, at the Wynn Las Vegas.

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