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The superb Pocophone F1 is now £190

Was incredible value, now even more so

When Xiaomi sub-brand Poco released the Pocophone F1 back in 2018, it surprised everyone. Here was a phone that had flagship specifications where it mattered, but somehow came in at just £330 – half the price of the Pixel 3 which launched at the same time, in fact.
While it’s over a year old now, its Snapdragon 845 processor is still going strong, and the price is now even lower. In fact, right now at Clove you can buy the 64GB model in blue for £189.98
The black equivalent, sadly, is still priced at £328, and there isn’t a similar discount on the 128GB model in either colour, alas, although given it supports microSD cards of up to 256GB that’s no big loss.
For £190, I can’t really see how you’d do better, even if the Pocophone F1 is over a year old now. That’s a similar price to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T which I gave five stars to earlier this week. But brilliant as that is for the price, in raw performance it simply can’t keep up with the Pocophone’s Snapdragon 845 and 6GB RAM combo:  
…and it’s even more marked in graphical performance.  
It does have minor drawbacks. It isn’t waterproof, for one thing, and it doesn’t have NFC for another. But considering what it offers overall, it remains astonishing value. As Nathan wrote at the time: “Laughing in the face of four-figured smartphones, there’s simply no better phone for your money. 
“Yes, its software experience could use some work, and its design won’t be drawing admiring glances on the morning commute, but who cares? If you crave flagship performance at a budget price, it simply doesn’t get any better than this.”
Now with £140 off, it’s even more incredible value.
Buy now from Clove

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