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Deal alert: The 5G Samsung Galaxy A90 is under £400

A crazy-good deal on a crazy-good handset

One of the nicest handsets I reviewed last year was the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G. Not only was it the cheapest way of getting a 5G handset around, it was also no slouch of a phone in its own right, proving to be almost as good as Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10 with a lower RRP.
But while it was *cheaper*, it still wasn’t exactly cheap, which is why this deal on the Samsung store is seriously worth your time. The South Korean firm has slashed the price of the Galaxy A90 5G in both black and white, taking it from its RRP of £669 to just £399. That’s a saving of £270, maths fans.
At that price, even without the 5G element, the A90 would be seriously worth a look. Packing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and 6GB RAM, performance wise it’s on par with anything Android shaped released in the last year, as the graph below shows.  
On top of that, it comes with three rear-facing cameras (the 48-megapixel main camera is supported by a wide-angle lens and a depth sensor), and the battery goes on and on – it lasted a ridiculous 23 hours and 38 minutes in our standard stamina test.
Then there’s the 5G element. Chances are this won’t be available near you, and if it is, it probably won’t be that much faster than 4G. That was my experience when I tried it in the smatterings of 5G coverage I found around Fitzrovia and Hammersmith.
Ultimately, that’s why I docked it a star in my review. It’s just not worth paying extra for 5G when it’s still in its infancy. But that was when it cost £669 and was substantially more than non-5G rivals from OnePlus and Xiaomi. Now it’s at £399, even I’m tempted – and I only just bought an (inferior) Galaxy S10e back on Black Friday…

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