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The Motorola One Macro is already down to £110

We weren’t sold at full price, but with £70 off, it’s a lot more attractive

We only reviewed the Motorola One Macro back in November, but in that short time one retailer has seen fit to give it a whopping 38% reduction.
Right now at EE, you can get the handset for £99.99. Yes, you have to buy a PAYG SIM at the same time, but there’s no obligation to keep using it after a month, and £109.99 is still quite a bit less than its original £180 asking price.
So is the phone worth your time? At £180, the verdict was undoubtedly “no”. There were simply better options available, not least of which came from Motorola itself in the form of the Moto G8 Plus and Moto One Action.
But at £109, it’s very different. Here, the competition is the likes of the Moto E6 Plus (£99) which the Motorola One Macro simply leaves in the dust:  
Also, it’s worth acknowledging the phone’s main selling point advertised right there in the name: its 2-megapixel f/2.2 macros lens. This is capable of taking zoomed in shots where regular phones would struggle, and it does a good job. Here’s Nathan’s rather fetching photograph of a pound coin. Note how clear the lettering is:  
It also has incredible battery life, managing 22 hours and 37 minutes in our standard test – a performance that saw it enter our list of the top ten longest lasting phone batteries we’ve seen. Regrettably, it’s also one of the slowest to charge, taking half an hour to hit 25%.
Still, at £110 you can probably ignore that flaw and its rather basic look. It was only a three-star handset at £180, but at £110 you can be sure we’d have given it a ringing endorsement. 
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