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Refurbished Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus phones are going cheap at Giffgaff

£399 to £449 depending on your preference

The Galaxy S20 may be Samsung’s latest handset but, despite the number at the end suggesting otherwise, there’s no way the phone is twice as good as the Galaxy S10 that preceded it. And that’s good news if you want an excellent phone without breaking the bank.

While the S20 starts at £799, Giffgaff is now selling a refurbished “like new” Samsung Galaxy S10 in black, blue, green or white for just £399. You need to buy the phone with a Giffgaff SIM and one month Goody Bag, but you can cancel after 30 days, so it only adds £10 to the price.

Alternatively, if you want something marginally better and have an extra £50 kicking around, then you can get a Galaxy S10 Plus in black or green for £449. You’ll have to act quickly there, as there’s only two left at the time of writing, mind.

Whichever you get, you’re likely to be very happy indeed. There are three differences between the two, and they’re pretty marginal overall. Firstly, the S10 Plus is 6.4in to the S10’s 6.1in. Secondly, this extra size allows for a 4,100mAh battery to the S10’s 3,400mAh. Finally, while the rear cameras are identical, the Plus model also gets a secondary 8-megapixel depth camera on the front for arty selfies.

The only drawback Nathan could find with either phone when he reviewed them was the price. “This is a heck of a lot of money to pay for any smartphone, no matter how impressive it may be, but it’s absolutely worth the upgrade,” he wrote in the conclusion of his S10 review. “This is Samsung’s biggest leap forward in years.”

Now, at just £399, it’s a bit of a bargain. Samsung may have something bigger and better around the corner, but it’s a lot of cash when the still brilliant S10 series can be had for this little.

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