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This Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G contract deal is superb value

Another Black Friday bargain for Galaxy S20 fans

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G is one of the best phones of the year, and eight months after release it remains one of the top Android handsets you can buy right now. But cheap it is not: at £999 SIM free it’s undoubtedly pricey, and while contracts let you spread the cost out over two years, they tend to still be on the expensive side.
But this Black Friday deal from Mobile Phones Direct makes things a bit more appealing, and you have two networks to choose from. For £41 per month with no upfront cost, you can either get 30GB of monthly data from Three, or 250GB from O2
Both come with unlimited calls and texts, and while they may sound like a no brainer, it’s still important to check coverage in your area. If your O2 reception is lousy, you’ll be better off with 30GB of Three data instead. Both are plenty for most people, even if they do include fast 5G data where available which can chew through a lot if you’re not careful.
At £41 per month with no upfront cost, you’re looking at a grand total of £984 over the course of the two-year contract – that’s £15 less than the SIM-free RRP. Suffice it to say that SIM cards offering 30-250GB of data don’t come cheap either, and you’ll need one if you don’t want to be permanently tethered to WiFi with your new phone.
“The display, features, battery life and performance are all top notch and, although the camera can’t quite beat the iPhone 11 Pro for all-round performance (or the pricier S20 Ultra), there isn’t a massive amount of difference,” our Head of Reviews Jonathan Bray wrote in his review. 
“Ultimately, you’ll be choosing the Galaxy S20 Plus because you want the best an Android phone has to offer but can’t quite justify the £200 extra for the Ultra,” he continued. “If you do that you won’t be disappointed. Just don’t expect to be blown away.”
While the Samsung Galaxy S21 is just around the corner with a rumoured January release, the S20 Plus will still provide more than enough power for most people, even two years from now. This is a great way of getting one without spending the Earth.
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