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This Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra contract is phenomenal value

£1 cheaper than the SIM-free price

Last night I was writing a roundup of Black Friday deals from Mobile Phones Direct, and one stood out so strongly that it warranted its own piece here.
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a ridiculous phone in the best possible way. It’s ludicrously overpowered with an incredible screen and a 100x ‘space zoom’ for taking long-distance shots. It also retails for £1,199 SIM free, which is always going to make a dent in finances, unless you have Scrooge McDuck-style pools of money to dive into.
But this contract at Mobile Phones Direct takes the sting out of this somewhat. You can get the phone with no upfront cost with unlimited minutes, texts and data for £50 per month
Imagine me standing in front of my ‘Countdown’ board here: 50 x 24 = 1,200. In other words, the phone SIM free is only £1 cheaper than getting the handsets with an incredibly generous 24 months of unlimited data.
I appreciate that’s still not exactly cheap, and you get a perfectly good smartphone contract for a lot less (the same site has the solid mid-range Samsung Galaxy A71 with 4GB data for £17 per month) but for those that want the best Android experience available, the S20 Ultra remains a fantastic showcase eight months after release.
As our Mobile Technology Editor, Nathan Spendelow, wrote in his review: “the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the most impressive Android smartphone that’s ever been released. Not only is it remarkable in its approach to offering new features, but the entire experience is so well refined that Samsung barely places a foot wrong.
“The one and only critical stumbling block for the Galaxy S20 Ultra is the price, which, as I’ve mentioned a few times in this review already, is more expensive than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Let’s face it, the S20 Ultra finds itself well out of reach of most wallets, but with more base storage (and the option to expand via microSD), a larger screen, huge 108MP camera sensor and 8K video recording, I certainly know which phone I’d buy on the back of a lottery win.”
Now, on a £50 per month contract with no upfront cost, you don’t have to keep buying lottery tickets in the hopes of making that hypothetical a reality.
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