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The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is cheaper than ever at Amazon for Cyber Monday

Alan Martin
29 Nov 2021

Cyber Monday sees the lowest price yet on the SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

If money were no object, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra would be one of the very best phones you can buy. As money most definitely is important to most of us, the regular S21 models remain the better buy.
But on Cyber Monday, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s high price of entry is a little bit lower, and could be enough to tempt those that want the very best handset available. Right now at Amazon, the handset can be had for £969 for the 128GB version or £999 for the 256GB model. That’s a saving of £180 and £200 respectively.
That’s the only difference between the two — the 512GB model gets 16GB RAM, but the 128- and 256GB versions have to settle for ‘just’ 12GB.
For the 256GB model, that’s the cheapest price yet, although the 128GB version has occasionally been cheaper, briefly reaching the low of £939 in the summer. In my personal view, paying the extra £30 for 256GB of storage is well worth it, however, as the S21 Ultra doesn’t support microSD expansion. 
That’s about the only misstep that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra makes, mind. It’s a beast of a phone, and the star of the show is the truly phenomenal 108MP camera with its 100x zoom. In truth, 100x zoom is a bit of a gimmick, but the phone takes up to 10x shots brilliantly, getting clearer pictures from distance than you might assume possible with a smartphone camera.  
“The Samsung S21 is a fabulous smartphone and it comes packed with everything you could possibly want from a flagship,” concluded Senior Editor Nathan Spendelow in our review. “However, with a four-figure cost that zooms past its already-expensive rivals, it’s a tough sell, especially during the current period of economic instability.”
Now it’s (just) under four figures, it’s that bit easier to recommend. Yes, the S22 Ultra will be here next year, but for now this is as good as it gets.
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