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Best Xiaomi phone 2022: Which Xiaomi smartphone is right for you?

Matt Reed
29 Apr 2022

Xiaomi is the rising star of the smartphone world. Find the best handset for your needs and budget

Whether it's a budget buy or something a little more premium, Xiaomi has been producing stunning smartphones with top-notch speeds and excellent cameras for a little while now.

UK consumers are spoilt for choice, too. There’s the more affordable Redmi models and the equally budget Poco line; smartphones built for gamers under the Black Shark name; or those topline flagship devices that get the full Xiaomi branding. Whatever series fits you best, the majority of Xiaomi devices are cheaper than competing Samsung or Apple phones, while offering a similar list of features and componentry.

That’s despite the Chinese company rolling the dice on innovative advancements in smartphone technology, including lightning quick charging speeds and dual displays. Ranking only behind Samsung and Apple worldwide, and appearing in the top five list in the UK, Xiaomi might be the up and coming smartphone brand – and it’s well worth taking a look at what it has to offer.

There are a lot of Xiaomi phones to muddle through, however, so picking out the top tier models can be a challenge – especially when paying more doesn’t always mean better value. To help you out, we’ve listed the best Xiaomi devices for a range of needs and budgets so you don’t have to search high and low for its greatest hits.

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The best Xiaomi smartphones to buy

1. Xiaomi 12 Pro: Best Xiaomi smartphone

Price: £1,049 | Buy now from Xiaomi

When it comes to smartphones, the Pros, Pluses and Ultras of this world are usually the kings of quality, and for Xiaomi, that’s no different. Dropping the “Mi” from its name following 2021’s Best Buy-winning Xiaomi Mi 11, this latest flagship from Xiaomi – the 12 Pro – also drops dimensions in favour of improved specifications.

There’s a new 50MP telephoto zoom camera, which is a first for a Xiaomi flagship, and this is complemented by another 50MP main lens and a 50MP 118-degree ultra wide unit. On the front, you’ll find a vibrant AMOLED display with great colour representation and brightness, while the internals provide altogether speedy performance.

Another highlight is that the Xiaomi 12 Pro’s fast charging speeds will take you from zero to 100% in less than 30 minutes. The only downside, of course, is that high quality often means an equally high price, and sadly Xiaomi’s 12 Pro doesn’t deviate from the norm. But if only the best Xiaomi will do, there is no alternative to the 12 Pro.

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Key specs – Processor: Octa-core 3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1; Screen: 6.73in, 1,440 x 3,200; Camera: 50MP (wide), 50MP (telephoto), 50MP (ultrawide); Storage: 128GB, 256GB; Operating system: Android 12

Buy now from Xiaomi

2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G: Best-value Xiaomi smartphone

Price: £259 | Buy now from Xiaomi

The Redmi Note 10 Pro was one of our favourite value phones of 2021, so we had high hopes that its follow-up was just as good. Thankfully, the Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G offers the same sky-high value for money, plus some new features, at a remarkably similar cost.

There’s an improved Snapdragon 695 processor, faster 67W charging and 5G connectivity on top of the quality quad camera array – featuring a massive 108MP main sensor – and silky smooth 120Hz screen.

As a package, the Note 11 Pro isn’t a major advance on the Note 10 Pro though, meaning you can save a little bit more if having these extras doesn’t bother you. Still, we would recommend paying that little bit more for the newer model – especially for the 5G connectivity – to extend the life of your next smartphone in return.

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Key specs – Processor: Octa-core 3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G; Screen: 6.67in, 1,080 x 2,400; Camera: 108MP (wide), 8MP (ultrawide), 2MP (macro); Storage: 64GB, 128GB; Operating system: Android 11

Buy now from Xiaomi

3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 11: Best budget Xiaomi

Price: £179 | Buy now from Amazon

It might seem like every smartphone costs more than four figures these days, but you can still get fantastic phones at a lower price point, with the Redmi Note 11 being one of them.

With its speedy Snapdragon 680 processor, this cut-priced Xiaomi out-performs phones well above its price point. Not only that, but on the front of the phone you’ll find a lovely, 6.43in FHD+ screen with a 90Hz refresh rate and a quad-camera array on the rear. It’s so good for the price that we made it our favourite budget smartphone of any brand: if that’s not a worthy endorsement I don’t know what is.

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Key specs – Processor: Octa-core 2.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 680; Screen: 6.43in, 2,400 x 1,080; Camera: 50MP, 8MP (wide), 2MP (macro) and 2MP (depth); Storage: 128GB, 256GB; Operating system: Android 11

Buy now from Amazon

4. Xiaomi 11T Pro: Best mid-range Xiaomi

Price: £650 | Buy now from Argos

Our pick of the mid-range price bracket of smartphones is the Xiaomi 11T Pro. Like other Xiaomi’s on this list, it has rapid 120W charging – in fact, this was the first Xiaomi to have it – as well as a beautifully smooth and colour-accurate 120Hz display and Snapdragon 888 processor.

Overall, you’re getting a lot for your money here, especially if you’re after a Xiaomi flagship but don’t have the funds to splurge on the more recent Xiaomi 12 listed above. You won’t be compromising much in the way of features, with the added benefit of saving a lot of cash.

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Key specs – Processor: Octa-core 2.84GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G; Screen: 6.67in, 1,080 x 2,400; Camera: 108MP (wide), 8MP (ultrawide), 5MP (macro); Storage: 128GB, 256GB; Operating system: Android 11

Buy now from Argos

5. Xiaomi Poco X4 Pro 5G: Simply astonishing value

Price: From £209 l Buy now from Amazon

You may have noticed a trend of great-value handsets from Xiaomi, especially in this list, but the Poco X4 Pro 5G is yet another top budget pick. It competes with devices well above its price range through the use of a rapid processor, oodles of storage, and a huge 108MP main camera – something that’s very unusual at a cost as low as this.

5G connectivity isn’t always a given at this price, either, so for this little you’re getting something of a steal. In fact, it’s our best-value budget pick out of all smartphones available to buy right now.

Read our full Xiaomi Poco X4 Pro 5G review for more details

Key specs – Processor: Octa-core 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 695; Screen: 6.67in, 2,400 x 1,080; Camera: 108MP, 8MP (wide), 2MP (macro); Storage: 128GB; Operating system: Android 11

Buy now from Amazon

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