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How the OPPO Find X5 brings us the very best of Android

How the OPPO Find X5 brings us the very best of Android

Android smartphones are a dime a dozen these days, but not all of them are created equal. Flagship handsets such as the OPPO Find X5 series stand clear above the rest, combining top-end componentry with the latest software experiences, packaged alongside a handful of unique attributes that can’t be found anywhere else on the market.

Compromise-free Android is finally here, and the OPPO Find X5 Lite, Find X5 and Find X5 Pro are taking a commanding lead. Starting at just £419, this brand-new trio of smartphones are keenly priced, but what really takes them to an entirely new level is the way they refine and build on OPPO’s long-standing heritage in terms of mobile photography, hardware and design.

If you’re after the very best that Android has to offer, then you’ve just found it.

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4K Ultra Night Video is a game-changer

Gone are the days of so-so camera experiences. Nighttime photography and video once presented a tricky challenge for smartphone sensors, with compromises to detail capture and increased visual noise, but with the OPPO Find X5 and Find X5 Pro, these issues can finally be put to rest.

OPPO’s Ultra Night Video is a cinematographer’s dream. Using a combination of OPPO’s new dedicated imaging NPU, a first-of-its-kind five-axis stabilisation system and a trio of rear cameras, the OPPO Find X5 and Find X5 Pro are capable of capturing 10-bit video in lighting conditions as low as 5 lux – basically the middle of the night.

Pictures are produced with astonishing clarity, superior colour reproduction and reduced visual grain at up to 4K resolution at a buttery-smooth 60fps.

Hasselblad partnership is unlike any other

Another of the OPPO Find X5 and Find X5 Pro’s key assets is the partnership with Hasselblad. Featuring software that has been co-developed with the renowned Swedish camera maker, the OPPO Find X5 comes with a handful of unique Hasselblad-inspired features, which are all located in the preinstalled camera app.

One of these is the Hasselblad XPan mode, which has been lifted directly from its much-revered film camera of the same name. This mode, which can be accessed in the ‘More’ section of the camera settings, allows you to shoot still images that recreate the vintage ultra-wide panoramic 65 x 24mm film format of the original camera, and to great effect. You can apply a monochrome filter in this mode, too.

But that’s not all. The Find X5 and Find X5 Pro also come with three “Hasselblad Master Styles”, which work as different camera filters that adjust the colour profile of the image. These were created in co-operation with three Hasselblad photographers. The user interface in the camera app and shutter sound also mimic Hasselblad’s cameras.

Not only does this partnership benefit current Hasselblad users, but it also helps amateur photographers create professional-looking images with minimal effort.

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OPPO’s new Imaging NPU sets a new benchmark

The Find X5 and Find X5 Pro’s camera potential comes courtesy of OPPO’s MariSilicon X. This brand-new dedicated imaging Neural Processing Unit (NPU) makes its first appearance in the Find X5 and Find X5 Pro and sits separately from the main Qualcomm chipset on the motherboard, handling the entirety of the phone’s computational photography.

Based on an efficient 6nm fabrication process, the MariSilicon X really is the first of its kind. Delivering serious improvements in AI computing power, this allows for images with increased dynamic range and real-time raw image processing, with improved HDR, colour-reproduction and noise-reduction algorithms to create the best image possible whenever you press the shutter button.

The MariSilicon X really comes into its own in less than ideal lighting conditions. Shooting a variety of scenes around Canary Wharf at dusk, image clarity was exceptional, with an abundance of detail, well-judged HDR and barely a whiff of visual noise – it really is that good.

You no longer have to wait for the image to process after tapping the shutter, either. Pictures appear in your camera roll in the blink of an eye, ready to be shared on your social media platform of choice.

Slow charging is no more with SUPERVOOC

It stands to reason that you’ll be capturing a lot of pictures with the OPPO Find X5, but if you’ve been a bit snap-happy or you forgot to put your phone on charge overnight, the good news is that it won’t take long to get back up and running again.

You have OPPO’s lightning-quick SUPERVOOC charging technology to thank for that, which allows for 80W wired charging speeds on the Find X5 and Find X5 Pro, and 65W charging on the Find X5 Lite. This means you can go from empty to 50% charge in as little as 12 minutes.

AIRVOOC also allows for 50W (Find X5 Pro) and 30W (Find X5) wireless charging, as well as the ability to reverse wireless charge compatible devices such as the OPPO Enco X true wireless earbuds, just by placing them on the back of the phone.

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