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Google Pixel 6a deals: Pick up the punchy mid-range phone NOW

These attention-grabbing Google Pixel 6a deals will get you bags of data and brilliant freebies

If you’re in the market for a powerful yet affordable smartphone, look no further than these Google Pixel 6a deals. Our full review of the newest iteration of Google’s entry-priced flagship has been published and it’s fair to say that we were impressed, awarding it four stars out of five and a Recommended award.

And here’s why: the cut-price version of the spectacular Pixel 6 contains the same own-brand Tensor processor as its more expensive siblings, meaning it delivered the same performance punch as the top-of-the-range Pixel 6 Pro. Meanwhile, a sumptuous 6.1in 1080p display, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, keen £399 SIM-free price and cameras that are streets ahead of the similarly priced competition meant we were looking at a magnificent mid-range handset.

It’s not perfect, though: the screen, while colour-accurate, only has a refresh rate of 60Hz, there’s still no face unlock (why, Google?) and the Pixel 6a lacks a microSD slot to boost the storage. Most significant is the fact that the regular Pixel 6, with its 90Hz refresh rate and bigger cameras, is now less than £100 more – which is where these stunning Google Pixel 6a deals come in.

Read on to save some serious cash on the new Google Pixel 6a.

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The best Google Pixel 6a deals

1. Vodafone: The cheapest we’ve EVER seen the Google Pixel 6a

While we’d usually recommend a contract as the most cost-effective way to pick up a new smartphone, the price of a SIM-free Google Pixel 6a is so low right now that you’re better off buying the handset outright and then pairing it with a cheap SIM-only deal.

This pay-as-you-go offer from Vodafone is by far the cheapest that we’ve ever seen the Pixel 6a going for, priced at just £249. The snag is that you need to buy it with a PAYG SIM deal, but as the cheapest of these is only £10 for 30 days, it’s still a bargain at a total of £259. The £10 SIM also currently gives you 21GB of data, up from 7GB, as well as the expected unlimited texts and minutes.

Buy now from Vodafone

2. Amazon: Another BARGAIN deal on a SIM-free Google Pixel 6a

If you prefer the fast shipping and brand recognition of buying from Amazon, you can also get a terrific deal on the Google Pixel 6a here too. Since retailing at the original £399 RRP, the Pixel 6a has averaged around £365 in price, but now you can pick one up for just £297. While not quite as cheap as the above Vodafone deal, this is still the lowest we’ve ever seen it go for on Amazon.

This option also has the benefit of not being tied to any particular network, so you can either carry your current SIM across, or pick one of the best SIM-only deals going right now (more on that below).

Buy now from Amazon

3. Smarty: This SIM-only deal gets you 12GB of data for just £4/mth

With your new Pixel 6a in hand, you’re going to want one of the best SIM-only deals to go with it. Smarty took the top spot in our roundup of the best mobile networks, in no small part due to excellent offers like this one.

The 12GB data plan usually costs £8/mth, but right now, Smarty is offering the first four months half price, meaning you get all that data for the ridiculously low price of £4/mth. After the four months is up, it goes back to £8/mth, but as this is a monthly rolling contract, you can easily just cancel at that point.

Buy now from Smarty

4. Lebara: Pay just 94p/mth for 15GB of data in this INSANELY cheap SIM-only deal

You might not be as familiar with the network, but Lebara could just be your new best friend with this ridiculously cheap SIM-only offer. As standard, this plan offers 15GB of data, unlimited UK minutes/texts and 100 international minutes for £7.90/mth. Right now, however, the price of this plan has been slashed to one of the cheapest you’ll ever see, offering you all of the above for just 94p/mth for the first six months. Like Smarty, this is a rolling monthly contract, so you can cancel after the six months is up if you’d prefer not to pay the original price.

Buy now from Lebara

5. iD Mobile: Get a 250GB SIM-only deal for just £7.50/mth

If you’re more of a data-hungry sort, this is the deal you’ll want to go with your new Google Pixel 6a. Offering a whopping 250GB of data, along with the near-standard unlimited minutes and texts, for just £7.50/mth, this SIM-only deal from is one of the biggest bargains going right now.

Unlike the others on this list, a bit of work is needed to get the best price here, but you save so much in the long run that it’s worth the effort. The deal will originally cost you £14/mth, with the discount applied by redeeming cashback. There’s a how-to on the website that walks you through the steps, and throughout the year, you’ll end up saving a total of £78.

Buy now from

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