Google Pixel 6a deals: Pick up the punchy mid-range smartphone NOW

Max Figgett
15 Aug 2022

These attention-grabbing Google Pixel 6a deals will get you bags of data and birlliant freebies

If you’re in the market for a powerful yet affordable smartphone, look no further than these Google Pixel 6a deals. Our full review of the newest iteration of Google’s entry-priced flagship has been published and it’s fair to say that we were impressed, awarding it four stars out of five and a Recommended award.

And here’s why: the cut-price version of the spectacular Pixel 6 contains the same own-brand Tensor processor as its more expensive siblings, meaning it delivered the same performance punch as the top-of-the-range Pixel 6 Pro. Meanwhile, a sumptuous 6.1in 1080p display, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, keen £399 SIM-free price and cameras that are streets ahead of the similarly priced competition meant we were looking at a magnificent mid-range handset.

It’s not perfect, though: the screen, while colour-accurate, only has a refresh rate of 60Hz, there’s still no face unlock (why, Google?) and the Pixel 6a lacks a microSD slot to boost the storage. Most significant is the fact that the regular Pixel 6, with its 90Hz refresh rate and bigger cameras, is now less than £100 more – which is where these stunning Google Pixel 6a deals come in. 

Whether you’re looking for a SIM-free bargain or want to combine the phone with bags of data, we’ve got you covered. We’ve trawled the internet to find appealing offers that will save you the most money and nab you the best extras.

Read on to save some serious cash on the new Google Pixel 6a.

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The best Google Pixel 6a deals

1. Amazon: Get a BIG saving on this SIM-free Google Pixel 6a bundle

Let’s start with the simplest Google Pixel 6a deal: if you order the SIM-free version of the phone with a pair of four-star Google Pixel Buds A-Series from Amazon, you’ll save a tasty £20. You can pick up the Pixel 6a itself in three colours – Chalk, Charcoal and Sage (or white, black and green) – and the headphones in two hues: white or olive.

If you prefer to buy your smartphones outright and then find a SIM separately, this is the Google Pixel 6a deal for you. And, once you’ve bought it, why not check out our roundups of the best SIM-only deals and the best PAYG deals?

Buy now from Amazon

2. iD Mobile: The CHEAPEST contract Google Pixel 6a unlimited deal

This is the cheapest Google Pixel 6a deal with unlimited data that we’ve seen so far: iD Mobile is currently offering the phone with endless data for a budget-friendly £26/mth on a two-year contract, with nothing at all to pay upfront

You won’t be compromising on network quality, either: we awarded iD Mobile four stars out of five in our most recent review, highlighting its eye-boggling prices, consistently improving 5G performance and range of long or short-term plans. For instance, if you don’t need unlimited data, you could also scoop 100GB for £25/mth, 50GB for £24/mth or 25GB for £23/mth – all with no upfront fees.

Contract length: 24 months; Upfront fee: £0; Monthly cost: £26; Lifetime cost: £624

Buy now from iD Mobile

3. EE: The best Google Pixel 6a deal with extras

EE is the UK’s fastest mobile network and the recipient of four stars out of five in our latest review, along with a Recommended award. It also has a reputation for bundling brilliant bonuses and this Google Pixel 6a deal is no exception. Here, the phone comes with unlimited data for £61/mth on a two-year plan (with nothing upfront), plus three Smart Benefits.

The Smart Benefits can be three of the five following things, which all last for the entire length of the contract:

  • A basic Netflix subscription worth £7/mth.
  • An Apple Music subscription worth £10/mth.
  • A BT Sport Ultimate subscription worth £10/mth.
  • A Roam Abroad Pass worth £10/mth, which lets you use your allowances as usual in a huge range of countries.
  • A Video Data Pass worth £10/mth, which means you won’t eat into your data allowance by watching TV or films.

By our calculations, if you chose Apple Music, BT Sport Ultimate and the Video Data Pass, you’d be saving an astronomic £595 with this deal compared to if you bought all of the elements separately. Phew!

Contract length: 24 months; Upfront fee: £0; Monthly cost: £61; Lifetime cost: £1,464

Buy now from EE

4. Vodafone: The best low-data Google Pixel 6a deals

If your browsing requirements are more modest and you won’t need 100GB of data or an unlimited allowance, these Google Pixel 6a deals from Vodafone via are tailor-made for you.

For example, if you’re happy to get cashback via the straightforward redemption process, you can get the Pixel 6a with 100GB of data for a staggering £22/mth on a 24-month contract, with nothing to pay upfront. Both of these represent excellent value for money, although we still have some reservations about Vodafone’s customer support.

Contract length: 24 months; Upfront fee: £0; Monthly cost: £22; Lifetime cost: £528

Buy now from

5. Three: Get BLISTERINGLY fast 5G speeds for a reasonable price

According to Opensignal, Three offers the fastest average 5G download rates across the country, making this the ideal offer if you've got a need for speed. As always, you'll also get a free pair of Google Pixel Buds A-Series as a thank you.

We reckon that the 100GB of data for £35/mth (£20 upfront) is the pick of Three's Google Pixel 6a deals, but you could also opt for 30GB for £30/mth or unlimited data for just £37/mth. In our latest Three review, we highlighted the company's excellent range of plans and 5G performance, although there's room for improvement when it comes to customer service.

Contract length: 24 months; Upfront fee: £20; Monthly cost: £35; Lifetime cost: £860

Buy now from Three

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